Zarepour denied that the internet will be cut in the coming days, but it is possible to impose restrictions


The interruption of the Internet in the coming days, the concern of the people these days, was denied by the Minister of Communications and Information Technology; He said the bandwidth has not decreased.

In his last words, Isa Zarepour emphasized that the Internet bandwidth has not decreased. He is aware that there are possibilities due to security issues and there are talks about it, and he says:Restrictions may sometimes be decided and enforced by security devices.»


The Minister of Communications and Information Technology in the audience of journalists, in response to the questions of journalists who claimed that the speed and bandwidth of the Internet has decreased in recent days, clearly emphasized:Bandwidth has not decreased»

Issa Zarepour claimed that they continuously monitor the internet speed issue and the country’s bandwidth needs are provided routinely.

Internet outages were denied in the coming hours and days

This afternoon, the Minister of Communications had some questions about the possibility of internet outages in the coming days. Zarepour said that some sites and authorities had put wrong quotes from him about the internet outage, which was corrected with the follow-up of the Public Relations Center. In the mentioned report and quotes, there was talk of internet outage in the coming hours and days due to issues and limitations of security devices.

He, who had previously denied the reduction of bandwidth, admitted that there were outages and limitations at some points! He said: “In recent days, there have been temporary restrictions in some places and at some hours, which have been resolved, and currently, the communication network does not have any problems in terms of speed and quality of communication.”

What is your impression of the words of Issa Zarepour, Minister of Communications and Information Technology? Have you had bandwidth reduction, outage or limitation in recent days or not?

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