YouTube’s exclusive feature was introduced for iPhones


YouTube is the latest Google program that has recently provided home screen widgets with different features on iPhone and iPad, which can be accessed very easily. The dimensions of these widgets are 4 x 2 and are known as the fastest way to search and browse on YouTube. There is a section called YouTube search at the top, which immediately brings up the typing screen, while it shows the shape of the voice search microphone.

You will then see the Home, Shorts, and Subscriptions sections that lead to the respective results. Widgets use the outline icons in the bottom bar. In the second shortcut, a very short part of the YouTube video is shown to the user.


There’s also a 2×2 search widget with a black or white background; Of course, this is more in harmony with the theme of the device. This section allows the user to write short texts.

In the last two weeks, new YouTube home page shortcuts have been released for iPhone and iPad, and today version 17.40.5 is also available. After you get the update, as always, long press the widget icon from the top left on your home screen and then enter the app.

The last example of a widget update on iPhones was at the beginning of 2022, which brought apps like Inbox from Gmail, iPad XL options from Drive, and translation shortcuts. However, early this week, the update to the six lock screen widgets is expected to be fully rolled out to users’ phones.

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