YouTube users are now able to choose a unique nickname for themselves


Google has announced the launch of a new feature for its video platform called YouTube. Based on this, content authors will be able to use unique nicknames for themselves.

The developers note that with this feature, authors and viewers can find each other more easily. In this way, content producers get access to unique titles and, for example, when referring to their channel, they can use this identifier in comments or posts in the forum tab.


Developers gradually provide their own aliases to authors. This feature will probably be available to all channels in the coming weeks. When this feature is rolled out, the user will receive an email and notification in YouTube Creator Studio. If the user already has a dedicated URL; In this case, the same URL is often used as an alias. However, users can change their nickname if they wish. If the user does not have a URL address; In this case, he can still choose a nickname for himself.

If the user does not choose a nickname until November 14, 2022 (November 23); This ID will be assigned to him automatically. Users can change their nickname in YouTube Creator Studio if they want.

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