YouTube is limiting 4k quality to premium accounts


According to reports, Google is testing a new change in YouTube and it seems that this time Google is trying to allocate 4K videos to its premium users.

YouTube has supported 4K videos since 2010, years before the resolution format became popular.


Even 5 years later (in 2015), Google made higher resolutions like 8K available to users of this platform for free.

But now, according to multiple reports we’ve seen across Reddit over the past month, YouTube is experimenting with changing the status quo. According to reports, people who are members of Google’s experiment can no longer enjoy 4k quality without purchasing a premium YouTube subscription, these people say that they see the word “Premium” next to the 4K/2160p resolution.

Simply put, this test involves a new limit for free YouTube users.

You still can’t remove ads from the platform or even download videos for offline viewing without a YouTube subscription. Well, it looks like you’ll have to add 4k quality to the list of benefits soon.

This is the first time we’ve seen YouTube lock higher video qualities like 4k behind a premium subscription. In some ways, it’s actually reminiscent of the Stadia Pro subscription, which allowed players to try out Stadia games in 4K with HDR colors and 5.1 surround sound.

Most likely, the new limit on 4K videos will probably only be tested with a small group of users. Just like last month, when YouTube was experimenting with using 10 non-skippable ads in a row.

However, depending on the feedback received, Google may decide not to limit 4K videos to YouTube Premium.

Overall, it looks like this could be another Google solution to make up for its recent slump, which has led to slow hiring, downsizing and shutting down some services altogether.

In theory, limiting 4K and higher quality to YouTube Premium could lower costs for free YouTube users while also encouraging new subscribers to purchase a subscription.

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