YouTube has released users access to 4K videos


According to the announcement of one of YouTube’s official accounts on the Twitter social network, this platform was subjected to a test process that limited the access of non-premium users to the ability to play 4K videos; has ended Previously, during the test period, only premium subscribers were able to view 4K videos by paying a monthly subscription of $11.99.

YouTube in early October by publishing a series of tweets that have now been deleted; It confirmed that a number of users of the platform were among the participants in the test, which examined the selected features for regular and premium viewers, and asked users to provide their feedback in this regard.


The idea of ​​paying for access to higher-resolution video was a divisive proposition. Some users considered such a policy as a sign of YouTube’s downfall, and others claimed that this issue is understandable given the cost of broadcasting 4K content.

YouTube’s announcement that it will completely stop the testing process and give all users access to the 4K option was actually a response to a tweet that accused the platform of forcing its users to buy a premium subscription. It is still unclear how many users were actually denied access to higher resolution videos during the testing process.

The end of the testing process by YouTube does not necessarily mean that the platform will never again restrict access to 4K videos to its premium subscribers. Previously, we saw the implementation of controversial experiments such as removing the number of public dislikes.

This feature was finally implemented months after the trial run. Also, the YouTube team did not mention their findings from the results of this test in the recently published tweet.

In early 2022, the CEO of Google warned the company’s employees that the company should improve its entrepreneurial ability and that employees should fulfill their responsibilities with more seriousness, higher concentration and double effort than in the past.

Google’s latest earnings report shows that YouTube’s revenue growth has slowed. Now all YouTube users can enjoy access to 4K videos; But it should be remembered that the general users’ access to this feature may not be eternal.

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