You can’t get rid of ads in the Metaverse world either!


A few days have not passed since the introduction of the Quest Pro luxury headset by Meta. At the unveiling ceremony of this product, this company talked about the more realistic exploration of Horizon Worlds and gave detailed explanations about the augmented reality glasses of this headset; To the extent that many thought they would step into a higher world with Quest Pro, but now the publication of reports has caused these people to return to earth!

Meta has recently made changes to its privacy policy and has opened an entry called Eye Tracking Privacy Notice. If you go this way, you will be presented with a page that tells you what information is being collected. On the page, the company tells you that if you’re willing to share more information about yourself, Meta will use eye tracking to “personalize your experiences and improve Meta Quest.”


Of course, it is not written anywhere in this text that Meta uses this information to advertise to its users. However, “personalize your experiences” indirectly refers to targeted advertising.

There are other evidences in this regard. For example, Nick Clegg, Head of International Relations at Meta, recently stated in an interview that eye tracking can be used to determine whether people engage with an ad or not.

Quest Pro headset

And of course, the problem does not end only with eye tracking. Meta is working on full-body tracking so avatars can mimic full-body movements more accurately. Of course, this amount of information will help Meta to obtain different levels of data and use them in the way of advertising.

Currently, there are no ads in the virtual world of Meta, but considering the company’s reputation in this field, it can be predicted that maybe in the not-so-distant future, Meta will introduce advertisements into this world from time to time; Of course, after making targeted ads by collecting data from its users.

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