Yahoo introduced its new email app with the aim of saving you money and time!


It has been a long time since the launch of the Yahoo Mail application. And now, after a long time, Yahoo has created a new app with a fresh look and many more features than before. The company says the new program is designed to save time, money and improve productivity.

Now you can easily manage your digital receipts, gift cards and subscriptions. A new feature has been added to the app that allows you to easily filter your inboxes.


Yahoo has added a new navigation menu at the top of the inbox that is supposed to make the shopping experience easier for you. This menu makes it much easier to find purchase information, manage credit cards, and search for your receipts.

There is also an option called “Gift Card View” that allows you to search and find gift cards that you received in your email but have not yet used in one place. “Free Trial Tracker” has also been added. This feature helps you manage the subscriptions you have purchased. This feature can also remind you that, for example, your subscription has ended somewhere.

There is also an option called “Receipts View” which basically keeps all your receipts and lists in your email in one place. You can quickly check them out.

However, this is not the whole story. The number of features that have been added to this app are many, and each of them can somehow help you in making the most of your time and money. The company has also updated Top-of-Inbox. With this update, you will never miss important emails again.

You can now unsubscribe from one or more promotional emails and newsletters with one tap. There is also a feature that allows you to delete all emails based on their domain and another feature that displays all your files and media in one place with the ability to filter them.

The update also makes it much easier to email yourself, as apparently many people still do.

In any case, if you are interested in using Yahoo’s new email program, you can download it from This link Get.

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