Xiaomi’s first electric car will be a 4-door sedan


The first signs of Xiaomi’s future electric car not matching the expectations of users are gradually appearing. Lee Joon; In early 2022, the founder of Xiaomi conducted a survey and asked his audience how much they would be willing to pay to buy Xiaomi’s first electric car. Apparently, 1.7 million people participated in this survey and 70% of them said that the price of this car should not exceed 150 thousand yuan (about 21,750 dollars or euros). It is interesting to note that 10% of the people who participated in the survey wanted a price of more than 300 thousand yuan (or 43500 dollars) for this car.

According to the report published by the LatePost website; According to one of the Chinese local media, Xiaomi’s future electric car will be a 4-door sedan model, and its pricing will even exceed the previously announced ceiling. Unfortunately, the price of this high-end car, including all the options, will reach more than 300,000 yuan.


Xiaomi is learning fast and realizes that navigating the automotive supply chain is much more complicated than it used to be. Unlike the telephone industry, the automobile world has been affected by several factors and the Chinese company has faced difficulties in controlling its costs. Considering that China’s electric car market is developing rapidly; Therefore, this issue puts Xiaomi in a difficult position. The company will not release its first electric car until 2024; But at the same time, it should ensure that until then this car will be competitive with other products in the market in terms of design, equipment and pricing. Xiaomi quickly realized that it will not achieve these goals by making a cheap car.

The Chinese giant has opened a special account for the success of Xiaomi’s future electric car on the capabilities of the self-driving system and its proprietary software ideas. This company has announced its decision to use LiDAR sensors provided by Hesai Technology (which specializes in self-driving robotics). Xiaomi will use the hybrid solid state LiDAR sensor called AT128 as the main option. This sensor is supported by additional solid-state radars and brings the highest level of environmental awareness to the self-driving car system.

Lee Joon; The CEO of Xiaomi believes that the future will belong to self-driving technology

Choosing solid state LiDAR sensors will provide a much larger field of view and reception compared to hybrid sensors. This phenomenon causes the blind spots of the environment to be covered in a much more favorable way. Although such a choice is costly; But it will lead to the superiority of the configuration used by Xiaomi compared to other competitors. sensor The Hesai AT128 is used in Li Auto’s newly introduced Li L9 SUV in China.

The Hesai AT128 sensor is capable of producing 1.5 million data points per second

Lee Joon; The CEO of Xiaomi is convinced that the self-driving system will have the last word in the electric car industry. The recent unveiling of this Chinese company’s technology represents Xiaomi’s real leap forward. Xiaomi has one of the largest funds in the automotive industry and has recruited a large team of the most prominent experts in this field to develop its self-driving technology.

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