Xiaomi smart dishwasher was introduced with unique features


Xiaomi unveiled its smart dishwasher named MIJIA Smart Desktop S1 in China. Those interested in this device can purchase it from November 1. The initial sale is based on crowdfunding and is priced at 1,399 yuan, equivalent to $191. After the crowdfunding phase is over, the device will sell for 1,699 yuan, equivalent to $232. There is still no news about the release of this dishwasher outside of China.

Xiaomi smart dishwasher can wash five dishes (39 items) at the same time. A basket is used in this device so that the user can put any type of container he wants in it. The width of this device is 550 mm and its depth is 350 mm.


Thanks to its special design that can open and close the MIJIA Smart Desktop S1 door, Xiaomi has been able to reduce the depth of the device when the door is open, and in this case its depth does not reach more than 600 mm. In this way, it can be said that the Xiaomi smart dishwasher occupies a space of 0.19 square meters.

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This device supports optical inspection of water quality and uses artificial intelligence algorithms. In fact, the device detects the type of dirt in less than ten seconds and automatically selects one of the washing modes. Xiaomi claims that the MIJIA Smart Desktop S1 uses 85% less water compared to manual dishwashing.

Xiaomi smart dishwasher

The electricity consumption of this dishwasher is 0.53 kWh per wash cycle. The new Xiaomi device uses a warm dryer and is equipped with ultraviolet disinfection technology that, according to the manufacturer’s claim, kills 99.9% of bacteria. Xiaomi smart dishwasher has seven different washing modes; including washing in 75° or 55° water.

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