Xiaomi is working on developing a DSLR-like camera system for smartphones


A recently discovered patent on the internet shows that Xiaomi is seriously working on developing a DSLR-like zoom system for its smartphones. In other words, Xiaomi is preparing to unveil an exciting feature for the camera of its future handsets. A recently published poster shows that the Chinese brand will unveil the Xiaomi 12T series and several other products while holding an event on October 4.

At the same time, Xiaomi is also working on developing an interesting camera system. A famous whistleblower with the ID Digital Chat Station (quoted from the Xiaomiui website) has mentioned this information. Today, most modern smartphones are equipped with multiple camera configurations. These cameras allow smartphones to offer different focal lengths. However, users must use digital zoom to achieve a specific focal length while changing lenses. This allows users to record appropriate images.


However, switching between lenses during video recording causes pauses or blurry images. As a reminder, it should be noted that Samsung previously used cameras with variable focal lengths in the Galaxy S4 Zoom and Galaxy K Zoom phones.

A recently leaked Xiaomi patent shows a DSLR-like zoom system

Unfortunately, these cameras have a large size and do not leave much space for the phone’s battery. Now, Xiaomi’s camera patent confirms the use of a single camera sensor with a variable focal length. Therefore, the back panel of the device will not host telephoto or ultra-wide modules. Image shared by Digital Chat Station; It indicates a smartphone with a single camera system on the back panel.

However, it is worth noting that this image does not contain significant details. To be more precise, this image does not represent a larger camera sensor with a variable focal length. In fact, like real cameras, this camera has the ability to be physically moved. Therefore, Xiaomi only needs one camera sensor in order to implement a DSLR-like camera zoom system.

If Xiaomi uses a great sensor; In this case, the above configuration can change the game equations. It is worth mentioning that the use of more sensors will double the glory of the camera system. Xiaomi’s plan to implement this exciting camera system is quite innovative. However, the Chinese smartphone manufacturing giant is not the first company to come up with such an idea.

Sony Xperia 1 Mark 4 is equipped with a zoom camera with optical zoom. Also, the phone’s camera system has a hidden variable focal length. Therefore, Sony offers a better solution without protruding the camera. It is not yet clear whether Xiaomi will eventually turn its patent into a real product. The patent registration of the DSLR-like zoom system by Xiaomi does not necessarily mean that this idea will become operational.

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