Xiaomi is developing a new 210W charger


It seems that Xiaomi’s 100W super fast chargers will be considered relatively slow in the future; Because the Chinese company has already received approval for its new 210-watt charger with the MDY-13-EU ID. This charger is able to provide a voltage of 20 volts with a current of 10.5 amps. Therefore, it is not clear exactly which smartphone and when can use such a powerful charger.

On the other hand, although 210 W chargers have not yet been used in any of the other smartphones; But Xiaomi is not the first company to produce such chargers; Because more than a month has passed since the sale of the iQOO 10 Pro smartphone with a 200 W charger. This charger is able to fully charge the 4700 mAh battery of the iQOO phone within 10 minutes.


Currently, the fastest charging technology offered by Xiaomi has a power of 120 watts; But this technology has been used in more than one Chinese brand product so far.

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