Xiaomi filed a patent for traffic light detection technology for self-driving cars


It seems that the Xiaomi company has taken great steps to complete its electric car project. This Chinese company has promised to launch its first vehicle in 2024. Earlier, Xiaomi exhibited its advanced self-driving system. Also, yesterday, the Chinese technology giant announced the registration of a patent related to traffic light detection technology.

This system can collect multi-frame light condition images by using car cameras and sensors and analyze the forward driving condition of the car by determining the time order of traffic lights. This issue will significantly improve the accuracy and security of the self-driving system. In addition, Xiaomi has also registered a patent entitled “Automatic driving system and control methods, devices, vehicles and equipment”. Also, this Chinese brand has managed to register 5 other patents in the field of route planning, car camera adjustment and chip route prediction.


The new information seems to be in line with a report published over the past few days that Xiaomi’s car development process has entered the software integration stage. According to forecasts, this process will be completed by November this year.

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