Xiaomi 12S Ultra came out of the durability test proudly


A YouTuber with the ID JerryRigEverything conducted his own durability test on the Xiaomi 12S Ultra and the said handset came out of this test with pride. These tests cover the prominent camera module embedded on the back panel of the handset. This module hosts a 1-inch IMX989 sensor made by Sony. Zach Nelson; The video presenter performs the different stages of the test step by step on the handset.

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Xiaomi 12S Ultra is the successor of Mi 11 Ultra and has seen progress in several different areas. Before the test, it was thought that the prominent camera module on the back panel of the device would be one of its weak and vulnerable points; But durability tests in practice proved the opposite of this hypothesis.


Xiaomi 12S Ultra has a premium exterior design with silicone leather. However, the Harman Kardon frame used in smartphones has a plastic structure and is prone to scratches with sharp objects such as razors. The Xiaomi 12S Ultra screen is equipped with Victus Gorilla Glass protective cover; But the mouse hardness test has not been performed on it.

The performance of the device in the bending test was not quite ideal; Because the bending forces affected its structure to some extent. In general, Xiaomi 12S Ultra maintained its efficiency in all tests and came out of all tests proudly. The performance of the Xiaomi flagship in the JerryRigEverything bending test was also comparable to some of the top Android smartphones on the market.

However, the noticeable thing is that a slight cracking sound can be heard around the frame during the test. Of course, the users of Xiaomi 12S Ultra will be sure that their smartphone will be durable enough and resistant enough during daily use.

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