With the new update, Instagram will become a safer platform!


Instagram is a social platform that has many users. It has created many job opportunities but it also still has flaws that help people to exploit it. New changes are going to be applied to this platform, one of which is the development of blocking people’s accounts.

As you know, blocking the account or blocking makes it possible to cut off your communication with the other person completely. In addition, if that person creates an account in the future, he still cannot disturb the said user.


In this new update, Instagram has attempted to block any accounts that the person currently owns as well. Therefore, the intruder cannot disturb you in any way.

In addition to the mentioned features, Instagram has tried to automatically block the use of some words including sensitive words, profanity, offensive terms, emojis, etc.

Although it is a useful feature, there are still ways around it. For example, they can misspell one of the letters of the word to not only escape Instagram’s strictures but also convey their meaning to the other party.

The company is set to add more phrases to its blocked library, including misspelled words. Although these changes will help people avoid possible scams.

When messaging a public figure or active creator, a reminder will appear at the bottom of the screen telling them to be kind and supportive. This message can help people to be careful about what they say when they message someone in Direct.

A new feature that will also be applied to comments is that if you intend to be disrespectful under someone’s post, the app will encourage you to think about it a bit more before saying something else.

These features make Instagram a safer platform. In addition to this, there are going to be new changes.

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