Windows 11 received its first major update


Microsoft has released the first major Windows 11 update with new features. In this version, a preview of the functionality Android applications Available on the Windows operating system and of course the new version of the program Notepad And Media Player See. In addition, this update includes optimizations on the Windows taskbar or taskbar.

Public preview of Android apps on Windows 11 Currently allows US users to view these apps through Amazon App Store To install. Now apparently access to approx 1000 applications These include Amazon Audible and Kindle, and third-party apps like Lords Mobile and Khan Academy Kids. This store obviously does not have as many apps as Google Play, but it can create the perfect harmony between Android phones and Windows PCs.

The first major update of Windows 11

Taskbar changes in the first major update of Windows 11

The next important change is related to the taskbar update or Windows 11 Taskbar Is. If you use multiple monitors, you can now finally see the time and date on all monitors. The weather widget has also returned to Taskbar and a new option for Mute and unmute In calls related to Microsoft service Timz Added to taskbar. In addition, you can directly share your screen or system windows directly in Thames service calls.

The first major update of Windows 11

Microsoft has also redesigned Notepad and Media Player for Windows 11. Notepad now supports multiple Undo, a new and more efficient interface for search and Dark Mode. Media Player The new one is also designed to replace Groove Music and Windows Media Play and support audio and video files at the same time. The user interface of this software is designed to be compatible with the design language of Windows 11.

Although Microsoft has been releasing updates to Windows 11 on an annual basis, it has promised to release updates from time to time to add new features to the operating system. Therefore, the current update will not be the only update for Windows this year.


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