Windows 11 Pro will soon require a Microsoft account to install


Microsoft Intends Windows 11 Pro Update in such a way that during the initial setup and installation, in addition to the Internet connection, to Microsoft account Also need. Until now, the home version of this operating system has required a Microsoft account to install since Windows 10, but users could install the Pro version without this account.

As Microsoft explains in the Windows 11 Build 22557 build changes report, Windows 11 Pro users will now be required to sign in to a Microsoft account to install this version of the operating system on their system. Of course this is only for Personal users Intended, therefore Organizational devices They are still set up with corporate accounts. Microsoft explains in its blog post:

“Like the Home version, the Pro version of Windows 11 now only needs an Internet connection during initial launch. “You will need a Microsoft account when you plan to set up the device for personal use.”

Windows 11 Pro

New Windows 11 Pro change in future updates?

Microsoft is now the experiment This is a change in Windows 11 builds and will probably take some time to apply to all its users. Although not yet approved, we can expect some of this change Next extensive update Windows 11, which will probably be released in the second half of this year.

Currently, Windows 11 Pro users can not use the Microsoft account to install by disconnecting their system Internet during installation and creating a local account.

Redmondians have been pushing Windows users to use a Microsoft account ever since Windows 10, and this new change is unlikely to be pleasant for many users, as many users believe that using a local account is one of the biggest benefits The Pro version of Windows 11 was older than the Home version.


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