Will the Pixel 7 be the first 64-bit only Android phone?


According to the latest reports, Google and its partners are keen to make the Pixel 7 family the first 64-bit Android-only smartphones. This news was published after some users of the new Pixel smartphones announced that they could not sideload some applications on their phones.

In this regard, one of the XDA developers was asked to sideload the famous game Flappy Bird, which only runs on 32-bit systems, but the phone gave an error that this game is not compatible with your smartphone.


The image you see below is related to the sideload of the same game on the Pixel 7 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphones, which did not run on the first device and on the second device without any problems. Of course, Android 13 on the Pixel 7 still has 32-bit system libraries, but with a 64-bit zygote; For this reason, 32-bit applications do not run on it.

The issue becomes more interesting when we know that the Tensor G2 processor used in the Pixel 7 still supports the 32-bit system. Of course, the list of processors announced for next year’s devices lacks 32-bit system support.

This shouldn’t be a concern for many people, as Google has announced since 2019 that software developers must offer a 64-bit version of their software in addition to the 32-bit version. Since August 2021, this company has stopped providing services for applications that do not have a 64-bit version. So, as a result, 99% of applications should not show an incompatibility error message on 64-bit smartphones.

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