Which one of the components of the phone consumes the most amount of battery? / Phone battery consumption


In this article, we will introduce you to the different parts of the phone as well as the applications that consume the most battery in mobile phones.

Controlling phone battery consumption is one of the biggest challenges that most of us face during the day. People who use their phones a lot should be able to somehow manage their phone’s battery consumption so that they don’t run out of battery when they don’t have access to a charger or power.


Of course, there are solutions such as using a power bank, but the speed of transferring the charge from the power bank to the mobile phone is not high, and while connecting the power bank to the phone, it is not easy to use the mobile phone. You don’t need a mobile phone and you can charge your phone during this time.

They also mentioned that the speed of charging and working with the phone when connecting the phone to the power bank is one of the challenges of using a power bank, therefore the option of using a power bank is not a suitable solution for everyone. The next way is to manage battery consumption. Most people’s belief in controlling battery consumption comes down to a few simple points, for example, we think that by using dark mode and turning on internet data less, we can influence battery consumption to a great extent, but the work is a little more complicated than these words.

Different mobile phone components each consume a certain amount of battery on their own, if you use each of these components, the consumption will increase proportionally. Energy management in mobile phones requires a correct understanding of the components and their energy consumption levels.

Apart from running a computer, the way you use your mobile phone has a great impact on its charging rate. You spend the day in the game, naturally you cannot make a significant impact on the battery consumption of your phone.

But if you use your phone normally and you think that your battery will run out soon, or you need the phone battery to hold a charge for a longer time, with the information you will get in this article, you will be able to correctly understand the type of consumption. Get more power across your mobile phone and better manage battery power consumption.

Which part of the phone consumes the most?

In general, for the proper functioning of all mobile phone components, it is necessary for each part to receive the required amount of energy. In a mobile phone, there is a correct division of power between the processor, memory, display, hardware, graphics, sound and wireless connection. Naturally, any part that is more active consumes more energy.

Of course, it should be noted that many parts of the phone are constantly active, but the amount of consumption of each part is different, usually the display, processor and different parts of the radio and wireless connection of the phone consume the most amount of battery.

So far, several sources have published statistics of the phone’s battery consumption, which may be different in details, but in general, they are very similar to each other. Paying attention to the fact that the multiplier of different components of the phone is very variable in different situations makes you know that it is not possible to write a version for all the phones in the market.

But by examining different phones in different situations, you can reach an average or an approximate number of the consumption of each part of the mobile phone. Of course, this amount is also different during the day, for example, when you are not using the phone, the screen is off and has no consumption, but the other components have little consumption, on the other hand, when the phone is in use, the most power consumption is from the side of the face display. Takes.

Considering these points, it is necessary to take a look at the table below, in this table the average power consumption of the main components of mobile phones is compared with each other.

Power consumption / milliwatt



Connection in idle mode
Receive data
send data
Attempting to connect
Connection in idle mode
Connection in power saving mode
send data
Receive data
Download data
Convert 2G to 3G
Download data
Convert 3G to 2G
2 percent
CPU consumption
25 percent
50 percent
75 percent
100 percent
Watch the stream
Dark mode with 20% brightness
Dark mode with 60% brightness
Dark mode with 100% brightness
Normal with 20% brightness
Normal with 60% brightness
Normal with 100% brightness
Save one megabyte of data
Make a 3G voice call
call (microphone and speaker)
Receive 3G voice calls
Make a 2G voice call
Receive 2G voice calls
Make a 3G video call
video call (microphone, speaker and display)
Receive 3G video calls

Looking at this table, you will notice that in normal mode, the most power consumption is related to the display, so when your charge is low or when you feel that you do not have access to the charger and electricity for several hours, it is better to reduce the brightness of the display and after Using the phone, quickly turn off the screen. Don’t use features like AOD and turning on the screen to show notifications.

Also, a phone call in the form of voice or video in both data and internet mode is very high consumption, so it is better to use the battery optimally, when you need to recharge, do not make a phone call and send a message to the other party. Announce that you will talk to him later.

Downloading and watching videos on the Internet consumes a lot of data and Wi-Fi, and to manage the energy consumption of the phone, you should not go for these activities.

Applications that are used the most

But apart from the various components of the mobile phone, there are also a large number of applications that have a high consumption, the applications connected to the Internet usually have the highest consumption among mobile applications, and the apps that run in the background also usually have a very high consumption and should be Their use was restricted.

Of course, on Android, you can find out which of your applications consumes the most battery. To do this, enter the phone settings and select the Battery section.

Now click on the Battery Usage option and on the new page you can see the applications that consume the most on the phone and spend less time using them.

But aside from the apps that you use the most, there are generally apps that consume more battery than other apps under the same conditions. These applications generally have a high consumption due to connecting to the Internet, downloading and uploading data, as well as online streaming.

In the following, you can see the 10 applications that consume the most battery:

  1. Snapchat
  2. YouTube/Netflix
  3. Facebook / Twitter
  4. Messenger
  5. Flipboard
  6. Types of VPNs
  7. Spotify (and similar services)
  8. All kinds of online games
  9. Tik Tok / Instagram
  10. WhatsApp / Telegram

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