Which internet is suitable for home use?


The variety of companies, models of providing internet and their different services in our country has caused us to get confused in choosing the best internet for home use. On the other hand, the high cost of internet in Iran can make this choice more difficult. In this article, the types of internet and their advantages and disadvantages are discussed.


I’m the only one who, whenever I find free time, I spin around in virtual space and social networks to see what’s happening around me, or do you also have this habit?! In my experience, most of the time the internet speed is so annoying that I leave the virtual world very soon and go back to the real world to get to the rest of my work. Maybe my expectation of internet speed has gone up a bit, but in order to find a good answer for this level of my expectations, I went to see what choices I have to have a good home internet. If, like me, you expect good and enjoyable speed at a reasonable price, I suggest you read this text to the end and write us your opinion.

Until a few years ago, we had no choice but ADSL, but now the situation has changed and we can think about having LTE or optical fiber internet. With due respect to all ADSL providers, I prefer to remove this option for obvious reasons. The highest speed we can get from ADSL internet is 16 megabytes. In simpler words, when downloading a file, you will not experience a speed higher than 800 KB, which is of course the best case and does not happen in principle. Because in normal mode, your internet speed is locked at 500 kilobytes and you will not see anything higher than that. At this speed, you have to wait about an hour to download a movie with Full HD quality.

Currently, fiber optic internet is the fastest internet available in the country and you can experience the speed of 100 Mbps with it, but you have to pay a very high fee to touch this speed. On the other hand, there are limitations to using fiber optic internet; For example, you cannot get it personally, and the entire apartment of residence or workplace must be equipped with fiber, and the number of units in the building must be more than 20 units. Apart from all these limitations, it takes about a month from the moment of requesting fiber optic internet to the moment of its activation. So I have to remove this lovely and high-speed internet from my choices and go for the last available option. Of course, if the cost is not important to you and you can wait a month and the number of units in your apartment is more than 20 units, do not exclude optical fiber from your choices.

We go to the third option, LTE Internet. In my opinion, this internet offers you the easiest and fastest way to have a good internet at a reasonable cost, which is between ADSL and optical fiber internet in terms of speed and cost, but does not have the problems of both; You don’t need to have a phone line, you don’t need to run cables, and the time to install and activate LTE Internet is less than seven days. Before we go to the Internet service providers, it is better to know a little about LTE technology. You have probably seen the LTE symbol on your mobile phone. This technology is the 4.5th generation of the Internet and provides speeds up to 40 Mbps.

Probably, this question mark has formed in your mind, why don’t we use our mobile internet instead of buying LTE internet, while it can be shared! I do not recommend this because it reduces the life of the mobile battery and only a small number of people and devices can use your mobile internet. The best solution is LTE Internet, because the mobile phone remains healthy and many people and devices connect to the high-speed Internet at the same time.

If you search the term LTE Internet, you will come across Irancell, Mobinnet and Zitel sites, each of which has several plans and packages. I try not to include my personal opinion and just express the issues, but I definitely invite you to share your opinion and experience in the comments section.

All three service providers offer a maximum speed of 40 Mbps, but the minimum speed of Mebinnet is 4 Mbps, and the minimum speed of Irancell and Zeitel is 1.

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  • Quick setup

According to the sales expert, it takes between 2 and 3 days to set up the Mebinnet service. The Irancell service takes up to a week to be activated, and the minimum installation time for Zitel service is up to 2 weeks.

If you are not even a fan of watching movies and playing games online, due to the existence and attractiveness of social networks, the average consumption of a family of 4 during a year is more than 400 gigabytes (if each person uses only 8 gigabytes per month, this volume after a the year ends) so we have to choose plans that fit our usage size. Mobinnet plans are responsible for this amount of consumption. Mebinnet provides one-month packages up to 100 gigs and 180 gigs, 6 months up to 480 gigs, one-year packages up to 800 gigs and 1100 gigs. Zitel plans are also unlimited and according to the sales expert, they don’t even have a consumption threshold; It means that if you download 1000 gigs in one day, it will not affect the speed and there is no need to pay additional fees.

Irancell is losing in the volume game. The maximum volume that you can get with Irancell Internet is 360 GB, and after this volume is used up, you have to buy a plan again.

  • Nationwide network coverage

Irancell and Mobinnet have extensive coverage throughout the country, but Zitel only covers Tehran, Karaj and Lavasan. Of course, it is possible to enter the map of areas covered by Zitel and see that your area is not part of Tehran! For example, I live in Chitgar Lake Nature Boulevard, but the Zitel map does not consider this area, which is a part of Tehran, and does not serve this area.

  • Order and service delivery

In addition to the fact that the delivery time of each of these service providers is different, the way of activating their internet service is also different. Irancell uses postal services and if you are lucky and you or someone is at home, you can receive the package and of course you have to activate the service yourself. But Zitel and Mebinnet coordinate with you in advance the time to receive the service, and the installation expert activates the service in person and places the modem in the desired location by testing the speed so that you have the maximum speed.

Have you had the experience of using LTE internet? In the comments section, write to us from which company you get your internet service and share your experience with us and other readers.

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