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Buying followers and buying likes are two things that most new and new businesses and of course old and long-standing businesses have either experienced on Instagram or are looking for a good reference to figure it out, but why buy followers and buy likes for prosperity? Are Instagram businesses necessary?

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Let’s go back a bit to where Instagram became one of the most important and profitable platforms possible to start a business. Instagram is the most popular social network in the world after Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp, but it definitely has the best platform for business development in the virtual space.


But in Iran, the story is a little different, according to Statcounte, more than 75% of Iranian people use Instagram, and this application is the most popular social network in Iran. In Iran, Instagram is the space that most people go to to see the latest news, learn about new products, follow the pages of celebrities and different people who are active in different fields from medicine to business management and the world of technology, etc.

In this way, Instagram is a space where many of people’s daily needs are met, and accordingly, it is considered the best platform for starting a business. You are a person who has a small workshop, or a blogger who wants to inform users about immigration, or a teacher, professor, cook, repairman, photographer, owner of a club or an art group, or any other kind of skill. Yes, you can find your contacts and earn money in this space.

But to start a business, you need credit, credit that is measured in the space of Instagram and other social networks with two indicators:

  • Produce quality content
  • Many followers

The part of producing quality content is the responsibility of the person, you must produce quality content to compete with other people who are active in your field.

The production of quality content is different depending on the type of data that you provide to your audience, for example, people who intend to produce video content must produce high quality videos in a suitable environment and clear sound, and of course, practical and appropriate data for the audience. Present.

But the second indicator of trust is numerous followers. Since ancient times, people had more trust in stores that were always full of customers or doctors whose offices were full of patients, because the number of customers indicates the high quality of services or goods from the provider.

Buy followers

Now, the same rule applies in cyberspace, suppose you own a clothing store, you have very high-quality products, your price is great, and you produce attractive content on Instagram, but only 200 of your friends and acquaintances followed you.

In this way, every person who enters your page does not have a good feeling about the number of your audience and leaves the page, but what is the solution?

You can advertise

Advertising is the first method, you can attract many followers by advertising in different posts or story pages, but this solution has a fundamental flaw. First of all, the speed of growth in such a situation is very low, in any case, the number of your followers is low, and even if you advertise on a big page, all the people who are attracted to your page will see your low number of followers and They leave the page, in fact, no matter how much you spend on advertising, if the initial impact of your page on the audience is not good, the growth of your page will happen very slowly.

The second drawback is its high cost, which ultimately makes this method unprofitable at the beginning of your journey due to the low yield for pages with limited followers.

Increase followers through explorer

The second method is to produce content based on Instagram algorithms and try to see your posts in Explorer. In this way, you must produce content on a regular basis, and also know well the algorithms and techniques of Instagram to publish posts in Explorer, in which case you either need to obtain information and take specialized courses, or you need to hire a professional admin for your page. do.

However, in this case, again, the initial effect of flowers at the bottom of your page will have a bad effect on your contacts, and even if you reach Instagram Explorer, users will not follow you when they see your low page contacts.

Buy followers and likes

You may think that this method is not very interesting at first, but believe it or not, all businesses need to buy followers and likes at the beginning of their activity. Of course, this issue is not only at the beginning of starting a business, many big pages also buy followers and likes for their development.

This will create initial trust in your page and customers will trust you more easily. As you know, building trust in sales and business development is the most important factor to attract customers. In fact, you should have as many followers and likes as your competitors so that you can compete with your competitors.

Also, if you want to enter Explorer or have effective advertisements, you must first increase the number of followers on your page so that users trust your page and follow you.

This is the method that more than 90% of big and small businesses do on Instagram, and you should come up with it on the way to developing your business.

Important challenges to buy followers and likes

Of course, in the field of buying followers or buying likes, you should go to a reliable reference. As you know, the sudden increase in page followers and the use of robots to create users is one of the biggest red lines on Instagram. In recent years, many businesses were easily disabled by Instagram by buying followers and likes from unreliable sources, and all the hard work they had done for their page was destroyed in a minute.

Regarding buying followers and buying likes, it is necessary to pay attention to one more point, you must buy followers and likes from a place that offers you active followers. A page that has 20K followers, but all of its followers are fake and has no active followers, affects even more than a page that has no followers, in reducing the trust of the audience.

Therefore, you should buy followers and likes from an authority that does not use bots at first and increase followers gradually so that the page is not disabled. Second, have a combination of active and inactive followers. Soma should be reliable and give a percentage of free followers to compensate for the possible loss of followers.

The Instagram website is one of the best sources for buying followers and buying likes. You can buy followers, likes, comments, views and stories from this site at a very reasonable price and with 24-hour support so that you can develop your business in a better way. give

This article is an advertisement report and IT Rasan had no role in its preparation.

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