When Google mocks Apple’s lack of innovation!


A month after the official introduction of the iPhone 14 series, Google will release its flagships, whose introduction was accompanied by mockery of Apple!

Google’s flagships, that is Google Pixel 7 And Pixel 7 Proin the ceremony Made by Google were introduced and we covered it live in IT Rasan, which you can read in the article “Introducing Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel 7 ProRead it.


In this ceremony, Google did not forget to mock Apple and iPhone 14! The company said that Apple is “following” the rest of the companies in terms of smartphone innovation.

Specifically, Google announced the capability always-on screen Introduced on the iPhone 14 Pro, the feature has long been available on Google Pixel smartphones Live Activities It is the same way.

Brian Rakowski, Google’s executive vice president of product management, said at the event: “Pixel has always been a leader and pioneer of smartphone innovation. “We take it as a compliment when our competitors follow in our footsteps, specifically by replicating the way information is displayed on the lock screen.”

“Three years ago, we introduced accident detection for car accidents, along with important ways to disseminate emergency information and investigate health and safety during an accident,” he also highlighted. All of these revolutionary new capabilities and features are being introduced for the first time with the Pixel series.”

In all these talks, we clearly understand that he is referring to two new features of the iPhone series. In his opening speech, as we said at the beginning of the article, he mentioned the capability always-on display Or always-on screen With this feature, information such as the clock will be permanently displayed on the lock screen of your phone with a lower light.

In the second part, he talked about the new feature of iPhone 14 and Apple Watch called “car crash detection” pointed out that as you have noticed, it comes to your aid during traffic accidents and accidents, sharing your emergency information and asking for help.

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