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WhatsApp installation tutorial on PC | Comes with image and step by step


WhatsApp is the most widely used messenger in the world. This messenger has been managed by Facebook since 2014, and despite the many margins it has struggled with recently, it is still the most popular messenger in the world. For this reason, you may also be a WhatsApp contact and want to manage your incoming and outgoing messages from your computer. In this article, we will teach you how to install WhatsApp on your computer. This is a very simple topic and if you have not been able to do so to date, just read this article.

The ability to make voice and video calls via the web version is not yet available.

For the convenience of its users, WhatsApp, in addition to the web version of WhatsApp, has released a computer version. By installing this software, you can access your WhatsApp account and manage your sent and received messages.


WhatsApp in recent months has paid special attention to the desktop app as well as its web-based version, and for example with your system and with the built-in tools of these messengers, you can create stickers. In addition, while the web version does not allow you to make voice and video calls, you can use the app to access these features on your system.

How to download WhatsApp for PC

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger in the world, so it is not surprising that it has been developed for different platforms and operating systems. Not only can you have these messengers on your Android and iPhone smartphones, but also Windows and Mac WhatsApp. So the first step to installing WhatsApp on your computer is to download its program.

To download WhatsApp, go to the official website of these messengers and get a special version depending on the operating system you use on your system. As you can guess, the process of downloading the program depends on the speed of the user’s Internet and may take some time for some.

After downloading the installation file, click on it again to install the program on your system and then run it. After installation, you need to connect your account to WhatsApp Computer, which is done by scanning the QR code. More on this topic is explained below.

Install WhatsApp on PC

How to install WhatsApp on a computer

In the first step, you must download the required version from the official WhatsApp website. After entering the website, you will see the image above. From the right of the image, the computer version Download do. WhatsApp website will usually automatically detect your operating system. But if for any reason this does not happen, you can easily determine the version you need and then download it.

After downloading the software is enough Double-click the downloaded file To install WhatsApp software on your computer. Once the installation process is complete, you can see the green WhatsApp icon on your desktop. After the installation process (which is done by you without doing anything), you will see the following image.

Install WhatsApp on PC

As you can see in the image above, WhatsApp software asks you to use the mobile application on your mobile phone, Scan the QR code shown. This is easy to do. Now you need to run this messenger app on your mobile phone. Then through Menu Or Settings Optional WhatsApp Web Select.

After doing this, in the new page is enough with Using your mobile camera, scan the given QR code. As soon as the code is scanned by the mobile application, WhatsApp software on the computer will display all your conversations and now WhatsApp software can be used.

How to install WhatsApp on a computer

You can connect other computers to your WhatsApp account in the same way. Just go back to the section WhatsApp Web Go and Option + Tap at the top right of the screen. Then add a new device to the list by scanning the QR code given on each computer.

Remember that whenever you want to remove the computer from accessing your WhatsApp account, all you have to do is use the mobile app to WhatsApp Web Scroll to the list of available devices and select Options Log Out Tap. You can also use the option Log Out From All Devices‌ In the list of connected devices, delete all connections to your account.

Install WhatsApp on the phone without the need for a phone

Until a few months ago, you could only use WhatsApp on your computer if your phone was permanently connected to the Internet. But now you can use WhatsApp on your computer, even without connecting your phone to the Internet, although this feature is currently available in beta and has not been released to everyone. So if you want to access this feature, you must be a member of this messenger beta program.

Once you’re a member of the WhatsApp beta, you’ll need to sync your phone with the system, whether it’s a desktop app or a web version. After syncing and connecting to the system, you can now use these messengers on your computer without the need for your phone to permanently connect to the Internet.

Frequently asked questions by users about installing WhatsApp on a computer

How can WhatsApp be run on a computer?

WhatsApp Web, which is a two-way way to use Windows on a computer through Google search and WhatsApp for Windows or iOS.

Is it possible to run WhatsApp on a computer without connecting to a phone?

In the latest beta version, you can use this messenger on your computer without connecting your phone to WhatsApp.

What site can download WhatsApp application for PC?

The best way to download WhatsApp application for PC is to refer to the main WhatsApp website.


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