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WhatsApp backup space on Google Drive may be limited


Google recently disabled access to unlimited storage space in the Photos service. Now it seems that the limitations are going to increase a little bit and in the future you will only be able to use a small part of WhatsApp data Free Back up Google Cloud.

A few months ago it became clear that Whatsapp Working on an option that allows the backup file to be resized if deleted. At the time, it was thought that this feature was intended to eliminate or at least limit the free WhatsApp backup storage space in Google Drive. Now the WABetaInfo website has found new code in the new beta version of these messengers, which has new limitations in Large backup storage.

Some of these codes tell how the user will be notified of the change and how notifications will be used to alert you if storage is running low. According to previously published information, free storage space was to be Up to 2 GB Be limited. These codes now provide information to confirm or deny this issue Did not, But there is certainly a limit to this.


WhatsApp’s maximum backup space will probably be 2 GB

If you do not have heavy media files, 2 GB is enough to back up your data. But if you have a lot of videos and songs, you probably need to subscribe to Google Drive or Local storage.

No further information is available at this time, and we do not know when this change might take effect on the final version of WhatsApp Messenger.

It should be noted that Apple Also on the iOS platform does not allow unlimited access for storage space iCloud. In other words, you also have restrictions on storing WhatsApp backups on iPhone, and you can not store all your data in the cloud.


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