What we expect from the Google weekend event; Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch are expected Google products


Google’s autumn event is the place to introduce the company’s hardware products. Google has promised that this year’s event will be fruitful, that is, apart from the new Google Pixel 7 phone, there will be another attractive product called the Pixel Watch, which will be the first Google smart watch, and even other products will be unveiled at this event. be. This ceremony will be held on October 6, Thursday, October 14 at 17:30.

The main focus of Google’s fall event is the introduction of the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones, two models that were mentioned at Google’s developer event in the spring and appear to be updated versions of the Pixel 6 family and are not going to be fully compatible with the Pixel 6. A new model with a completely different design.


According to the rumors, the new Pixel series are not much different from the previous models and the difference is in some details.

In this series, instead of trying to change the overall design of the phones, Google has gone to some of the weaknesses of the Pixel 6 series and fixed them.

Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro

The design of Google Pixel 7 is almost the same as Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. The difference between the Pixel 7 and its predecessor, in addition to the smaller size, is having a smaller camera, which seems to be a cost-cutting decision.

A very thin and heavy aluminum frame (the distinctive horizontal band of the camera module) on the back of the phone is one of the first pieces of information we got from the Pixel 7 series, and it seems that the design of this model is similar to the Pixel 6 series, but an improvement. has found.

Also, the Tensor G2 chip as an improved processor of this model has the ability to increase efficiency and productivity in the media sector, voice recognition and other tasks, this model comes with Android 13.

Like the Pixel 6 model, we will see two main cameras on the back of the Pixel 7 model, although the Pro model has three main cameras. But what kind of performance do we expect from these models?

As expected, the main model, like the Pixel 6, will be released with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. Also, after the launch of this model, the Tensor G2 chip processor, apart from its improvements in graphics, energy efficiency and clock speed, There is no other significant change compared to last year’s model, which means you shouldn’t expect the processing power of the Pixel series to be significantly improved with the new processor compared to last year, but its efficiency has improved in some cases.

Some experts have stated that we should not see significant progress in the camera department and almost the overall performance of the Pixel series camera has remained unchanged compared to the previous year’s model. In this way, Google Pixel 7 does not change much compared to the previous generation, i.e. Pixel 6 series, but the difference between this series and old models like Pixel 5 is very big, and if you have older models of this phone, you can think about changing and updating your Pixel. Because it is worth it.

But the most important news is the part that has remained completely unchanged, the prices start from 599 and 899 dollars like last year, which will make these two models the cheapest flagships in the market, but on the other hand, their power and performance are comparable to the Samsung Galaxy S series or iPhones. Apple is not comparable, in this way, Google’s flagships are more than really flagships, they are high-end models with good features and reasonable prices.

The release time of the new Google Pixels is not known and will be revealed at the event, but it seems that the sale and supply will start from the end of October.

Based on all the rumors and news about the two Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro models, the specifications of these two models will probably be according to the image below.

Google Pixel Watch

These days, there is a lot of news about the specifications and capabilities of the Google Pixel Watch, this new model is even more important than the Pixel 7 series phones, because Google wants to add a new product line to its company and enter the market. Become competitive with smart watches.

Google Pixel Watch can be the place where Wear OS 3 shines, the harmony between hardware sensors and software capabilities and the simple and smooth use of a smart watch with a good design are all part of its strengths.

In Pixel Watch, the focus is on the capabilities and features that are used in daily life, tracking and monitoring sports and health activities is one of these things that has been paid attention to in Pixel Watch.

This watch, with its simple and elegant appearance and large gear button, reminds us of Apple Watch, but like other watches designed from Wear OS 3, it will come to the market with a circular display.

So far, not much information about this watch has been revealed, but we will also find features such as heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen and ECG that are present in other models at this level.

There is information on the 9to5Google website, according to which, instead of using the Tensor chip, the Samsung Exynos chip is used in this watch, although this watch probably uses 2 GB of RAM, while the Galaxy Watch only has 1.5 GB of RAM. has it. Among other specifications that can be predicted for the Pixel Watch, 32 GB of internal memory and battery charging will be suitable.

The leaked codes from Google’s latest research show that the company wants to use the new version of the voice assistant on the Pixel Watch, this will be an exciting event, but it remains to be seen what features and capabilities are planned for the voice assistant of this watch.

This watch is also likely to hit the market at the end of October, some sources have announced the starting price of the Pixel Watch at $350, while the Data version is priced at $400. As such, the Pixel Watch is significantly more expensive than the $280 Galaxy Watch 5, and close to the $399 Apple Watch Series 8.

So far, reliable information about the release of other hardware products has not been published in this event, however, it cannot be hidden that Google plans to launch its tablet in 2023, and perhaps information about this tablet will be announced in this event. In addition, Google has been working on its folding Pixel phone for some time, and although it is unlikely, the unveiling of the new folding phone of this company may be a surprise from Google.

In this way, the main devices we are waiting for at Google’s fall event are the new Google Pixel and Pixel Watch series, and it seems that Google will introduce these two products at its event.

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