What is Web 3 and what are its differences with Metaverse?


These days, in the world of technology, we come across terms like Web 3 and Metaverse a lot. What do these terms really talk about? Stay with us to know this issue.

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The virtual world is evolving at an incredible speed. We live in an era where most work is done over the internet and most businesses have a virtual version. Now, two new concepts called Metaverse and Web 3 have emerged, which remind us of science-fiction movies and completely virtual worlds. These two terms have a complex relationship with each other, but they should not be considered the same. Web 3 can be considered a more advanced version of today’s Internet, which has many more features and offers many possibilities. Metaverse, however, is a digital and virtual world that will come true sooner or later, and for this, it needs Web 3 capabilities. In the following, we will explain more precisely about both of these concepts and explain their relationship with each other.


What is Web 3?

If we want to explain Web 3 in a simple language, we should call it an evolved version of the current Internet. Now why do they use the number 3 for this term? In fact, the first generation of the Internet, which was known as Web 1, is the same version that was used around the world since the beginning of the emergence of this technology. The distinctive feature of Web 1 was that almost all Internet content was produced by large companies, and ordinary people only played the role of users of these contents. This generation of the Internet offered very few interactive features and it can be said that there was almost no interaction between users.

Web 2 was the next generation of the Internet, which is still expanding and developing. In this generation, the interaction of users with each other and with the provided content is of great importance. Also, users themselves are known as the main producers of content in the Internet space, but this does not mean that they have complete control and mastery over the Internet space. In the Web 2 that we are facing right now, it is still the big companies that make the main policies of the Internet space and enable people to communicate with each other. In Web 2, we see a large number of online services and platforms through which users can access many contents and share their opinions, experiences and files.

Despite the vast and undeniable improvements that Web 2 has compared to Web 1, it also faces some drawbacks. The most important problem that Web 2 has is the accumulation of power in the hands of large companies that act as intermediaries for communication between users. These companies have full access to the information of all users and can abuse them for various purposes. Also, due to the dominance these companies have over the content produced by users, they can easily impose any censorship and restrictions on these contents. These flaws have caused the need to upgrade from Web 2 to Web 3 more than ever.

In Web 3, we are on the side of completely open source projects, which are not only free to use, but can be developed by other users, and in this way, the Internet space will become more dynamic than ever. Web 3 provides a space in which people can interact with each other without the need for intermediary companies. Web 3 is developed based on edge computing, decentralized blockchain networks and artificial intelligence, and provides users with unlimited access to various services.

What is the metaverse?

Metaverse is a completely virtual and digital world where people can interact and communicate with each other using their real identities. The idea of ​​the metaverse was first introduced in science fiction. In 1992, a fictional novel called “Snow Crash” was written by an author named Neal Stephenson, in which a completely virtual world similar to today’s concept of Metaverse was depicted. This novel and other works written after it inspired movies such as The Matrix or Ready Player One, in which the metaverse can be touched objectively.

Now, many big companies in the world of technology, such as Microsoft and Facebook, are looking to realize this long-standing dream and have made significant progress in this way. The speed of technology advancement in our time is so high that the construction of a completely virtual world and the entry of humans into the era of digital life in the near future is not far from expected. It is interesting to know that in a reliable survey that was conducted recently, about 70% of the people participating in this survey believed that the Metaverse will be fully realized by 2030.

Differences and common points of Web 3 and Metaverse

Web 3 and Metaverse have many features in common, but at the same time, they are two completely different concepts. Perhaps their most important similarity is that both are known as a decentralized world. On the other hand, to realize both of these technologies, we need technologies such as blockchain and digital currencies. Blockchain technology can provide the necessary platform to create a metaverse as well as Web 3. As an advanced payment system, digital currencies can meet economic needs and be used for safe exchanges in virtual worlds.

What is the connection between Web 3 and Metaverse with NFT and crypto games?

One of the important and prominent features in Web 3, which happens to be used in metaverse worlds as well, is the use of non-fungible tokens or NFTs. These tokens are actually a kind of unique asset that cannot be copied, because they are displayed as a single token in the blockchain network.

Of course, even today we are witnessing the realization of aspects of the metaverse. For example, consider a cryptocurrency game where users can exchange different in-game items with each other and earn money in this way. Also, in popular games like Fortnite, each player has a character or avatar in the game, which actually represents him in the virtual world of Fortnite. In this game, all kinds of activities and entertainment can be experienced similar to the real world, and even the concert of famous singers is held virtually in the game environment and everyone can participate in it.

last word

Web 3 and Metaverse are among the new terms in the world of technology that are closely related to concepts such as blockchain, NFT, NFT manufacturing, and even crypto gaming. It doesn’t matter whether we follow technological developments or are indifferent to them; Web 3 and metaverse worlds will come into effect sooner or later and affect all of our lives. So it is better to be familiar with these concepts and welcome them with open arms. To learn more about Metaverse, Web 3, Blockchain, digital currencies and crypto games, you can visit the “Cryptocurrency Academy” website and use our educational materials.

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