What is Vita Ino and where to buy it?


token Vita Ino It is a digital currency in the family of meme coins that we can hope for its future with the advantages that we mentioned in this article.

The digital currency market is a vast market that is increasing day by day. You can find different tokens according to each person’s taste, one of which is meme coinThere are those who have gained a lot of fans in different places. One of the most famous meme coins Dogecoin And Shiba Ino named


Another token in this section, a token named Vita Ino (Vita inu) Is. Memecoin Vita Ino is actually a new competitor to Shiba Ino and Dogecoin, which can be considered superior to its competitors due to its advantages and predict a bright future for this cryptocurrency.

Meme Coin Vita Ino Launched in 2021, an Ecosystem Governance Token VINU Is. This project gives the user superior advantages over its competitors, such as higher transaction speed. Also, unlike Shiba Inu and Dogecoin, this cryptocurrency does not charge any fees from the user.

Another advantage of this project is the support of smart contracts, which its competitors lack this feature. These benefits actually tell us that if they materialize, we can hope for its future even more than other meme coins.

Vita Ino project plans

This project is under development, called Metaversi Vinuverse is going to become a big virtual reality world. Also launching a decentralized application VinuSwapheterosexual token or the same NFTstaking and various other events can be seen in the roadmap of this project, which shows the high activity of this project in the market and its developers have a long-term vision for Vita Inno.

Vita Ino is also by the company CertiK It has been confirmed, which can indicate its transparency and the importance of this issue to its developers.

vita inu digital currency

Token supply Vita inu

In general, the maximum supply of Vita Inno is one quadrillion. This means that more than this amount will not be made. The way of distribution of this cryptocurrency is that 50% of it is allocated to the decentralized independent organization or Dao project. This 50% includes token burning, marketing and project growth and development. 25% of Vita Ino will be publicly distributed and the remaining 25% will be allocated to the project team. The market value of this token is currently close to 9.2 million dollars and its trading volume is 2.523 million dollars.

Comparison of Vita Ino with Dodge and Shiba
Comparison of Vita Ino with Dogecoin and Shiba Ino

From where Vita inu shall we buy

Because of its unknown nature, the Vita Ino token may not exist on any platform or exchange. Currently, this token is available in foreign exchanges, including Pancakeswap, Uniswap, Bybit, Bittrue And Mexico is listed. But among domestic exchanges, you can on the trading platform Appreciation which is one of the top domestic platforms in the field of digital currency. Buy and sell it easily.

Platform Appreciation It also supports many different meme coins including Bitgart, Spooky Shiba, Metapets, Daddy Dog, Baby Dog, Shiba Fluky, Fag, Ryoshi, Hamster, etc. You can app Appreciation Download and install and do your transactions easily.

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