What is Toyota’s way of using hydrogen instead of fuel?


Toyota is currently the leading carmaker in the field of using hydrogen instead of gasoline. An internal combustion vehicle that uses only hydrogen Has introduced. To do this, Toyota changed the engine of a Toyota Yaris GR and used a hydrogen tank.

Toyota Yaris Hydrogen

we know that Hydrogen cars use electric motors to convert hydrogen into electricity with the help of fuel cells.

These hydrogen vehicles must also be continuously powered by a hydrogen charging station.


YouTo do this, Utah has completely changed the fuel injection system. Toyota has borrowed the Mirai tank, an all-hydrogen vehicle.

Chevrolet fuel cell

Hydrogen burns faster than conventional fuels, including gasoline, but it is still not the best fuel available.

In the past, various companies, including BMW, wanted to build a conventional hydrogen car, but only experimentally.

Toyota’s hydrogen tank stores hydrogen at a pressure of about 10,000 PSI.

Toyota dies

This requires a density ratio of 42: 1, which is not commercially feasible given the technology available. Also, the amount of their production force is very small.

If the spark is used, the maximum efficiency reaches 38%, which is not much better than current gasoline engines.

Toyota engine achieves the same efficiency in the best condition and working conditions. Despite the That is a much higher number than conventional internal combustion engines (25%). But the production and use of hydrogen is another big problem.

Toyota diesel propulsion system

Right now, though, Toyota is quenching all its hydrogen-powered electric motors. It has an efficiency of 50%, which is higher than all the above.

In the end, it should be said that car companies would like to produce a hydrogen car in the event of extensive changes in infrastructure and advances in various technologies.

with this It seems that all-hydrogen vehicles will be produced with the same current circulation, and given the existing infrastructure of countries, the use of heavy vehicles, including hydrogen tractors, will become common in the coming years.


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