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In this article, we will discuss the large e-commerce market in the country and we will check how many businesses are in foreign and local messengers.

in recent weeks statistics And action Very different From the volume of equations and Transactions of the country’s digital economy It was published in the field of online businesses as well as people affected in this field by various officials.


On the other hand, cut off the platforms Popular foreigner And the forced direction of users to native platforms has caused interesting figures to be expressed regarding people’s use of internal messengers and social networks.

But the main question is that now Volume of turnover And transactions What is the amount of online businesses and how much of the online economy is actually affected Damage Also, the officials who give the addresses of social networks and internal messengers to people, do they know the current income of online businesses on these platforms, and the forced migration of users to messengers and internal social networks is a movement. Targeted and a decision Wisely Is it or not?

One of the most important reasons acquisition And Online jobs Don’t want to Instagram and telegram to Social Networks The internal reason is that so far native platforms have not been well received in this sector and many users are not active in these networks.

Naturally, every business needs to Customer Yes, when you don’t have customers on a social network or messenger, it’s practically your business Break has eaten.

Its example in the years 97 and 98 and simultaneously with Telegram filtering And the international internet was interrupted, many users and businesses turned to native platforms, but the experience was unsuccessful, and due to the low acceptance of people and low sales in these networks, they were filtered to Telegram and returned to Instagram.

Next, by reviewing the statistics presented in the comprehensive report Annual e-commerce At year 1400, We will examine the volume of financial turnover and the size of this market, as well as the level of people’s acceptance of domestic networks.

What is the size of the country’s e-commerce market?

In the field of e-commerce, we are dealing with a very large market, a market whose total turnover value is A strange figure of 12,369,000 billion Rials Is! The total value of e-commerce turnover in 1400 is equal to 17% of gross production Internal not included Oil Is.

This big market has been damaged for more than a month and the turnover in it is in shape obscene decreased. Of course, we have to wait for the final opinion Official statistics However, based on the news and statements provided by brands, startups and various online and digital businesses in the country, the income of these large and small companies has decreased significantly and many of them have been exposed to destruction.

Another very important point about this market is that more than 94% of investments in the field of e-commerce were made by the private sector, and in fact, the capital was provided by ordinary people.

In this department, different organizations and departments Governmental did not play a significant role and with damage Seeing this field, the capital of the private sector is exposed destruction Placed.

In the e-commerce development center report, it is mentioned that Only one percent From the capital of the field of e-commerce related to Government and more than 94% of this capital was provided by the private sector. This means a big market 12 thousand 369 thousand billion Rials It is formed by the people and definitely if it is damaged, at first glance the government will not suffer any financial loss, although the consequences will be irreparable, but the dependence of this area on the private sector and Investors This part is undeniable.

This is the reason why, with momentary and non-expert decisions from the responsible organizations, tense atmosphere and unpredictable in the e-commerce sector investment The private sector in this field Decrease Is. An event that can affect this huge business and cause The backwardness of the country to be

But in what platform is this huge capital of the private sector active? In this case, we can again refer to the center’s report E-commerce development Let’s mention, in this report, the contribution of each of Methods of selling goods And the provision of services (apart from the provision of services on the website) is stated separately by application, messenger and social network.

Accordingly, apart from internet sites, 80% share The sale and provision of Iran’s e-commerce services takes place on social networks, as well 28 percent from this Services At Messengers are provided, that is, the major share of this market has been made in messengers and social networks.

Number of native messenger businesses

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But which messengers and social networks contributed the most in this area?

Here you can do well a fight between External applications And native checked whether it is possible to transfer from external platforms to internal platform at once and whether it should be done at all or not?

The amount of use of social networks and different messengers in the e-commerce market is according to the table below, based on this, you can see that until now that part of the services and sales of goods in the field of e-commerce, which was in the context of messengers and social networks, is widely in the context of social networks. Foreign socialization has taken place.

In this statistic, Instagram is the biggest has the role and 84 The percentage of sellers who Social Networks And messengers are active, on Instagram service They present themselves. The next share is related to Whatsapp is that 49 percent Market and after that Telegram 42 It has a percentage of the market share.

Among the internal messengers, Soroush Ba 4 percent share In this market, it is considered the most popular native application, but its share is not significant at all. Also yes, ita, igap and gap each with shares Less than 4 percent They are in the next ranks.

Number of native messenger businesses

It seems that the statistics speak for themselves, is it possible under these conditions Instagram particle for direct object closed And expected that Private sector This volume of Fund to ignore and come to the internal platform with all the problems it has and will probably arise in the future and start its work from scratch?

But another part that should be significant for managers and decision makers is the age group of its owners acquisition And the works in part private are. According to the report of the Electronic Commerce Development Center, 60 percent From the owners These businesses in the group Age 20 to 40 years are located, actually the department Azami This market is in the hands of the country’s young and promising managers, the ones who Hopeless They are dangerous Migration And the outflow of capital from this market is aimed at the country.

On the other hand, the target market of these businesses is the young age group, based on the available data. 60 percent of the audience This market in Youth age group are located

At the end of these statistics, we can point out that 14 percent One of the owners of the big bazaar of e-commerce businesses ladies are, while the ladies business owners And Works in the field of e-commerce At In 1996, only 9 percent They were.

Number of native messenger businesses

Actually ladies were able to have a wide and powerful presence in this field and the potential of this market has also helped women to be entrepreneur And the manager Be active in the e-commerce sector.

When we talk about e-commerce, we mean a marketplace 12 thousand And 369 thousand billion Riyal, which is equal to 17% of GDP excluding oil. A market where more than 94% of investments are made by the private sector and it is basically people’s capital. 80% of this large market, excluding websites, is established on messengers and social networks and has grown on these platforms.

The most among messengers and social networks share With a huge difference for Instagram, WhatsApp And Telegram Is. In fact, the main part of its 12,369,000 billion Rials in circulation is in Instagram, WhatsApp and Telegram, three platforms that are currently closed and probably will not be filtered anymore.

The logic of the authorities is to abandon foreign platforms made by the enemy and switch to internal platforms, but definitely with this amount of capital in circulation in this market. Familiar are not. Filtering these social networks means charge To the people, the people who have been trying for years to start their business and an income Have.

Close famous social networks and send Mandatory Businesses to native messenger, meaning cut off income Businesses and start from scratch. In addition to these things, it should be checked what will happen to the expenses that people have incurred during these years for the growth and development of their business? Do we easily trample over everything and repeat it day after day?

Unfortunately, the private sector is thinking that it will not be affected by these decisions, because only one percent investment In this area by Government sector It has been done, but in the long run, a very heavy cost will be imposed on the government. a cost that for compensation Heavy Entered into the private sector and e-commerce and should be from Treasury Be provided.

At the same time, by paying these costs and providing damages, Definitely, this market is the same as before upright There will be no statistics Its growth decreased will find

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