What is the future of Vita Ino currency?


Vita Inu currency It is one of the relatively new memecoins in the digital currency market, which was able to attract many investors since its launch. Currently with Turnover And Market value (Market Cap) which it has, is in a good position compared to most other memecoins.

If we want to look at this memecoin from a price point of view, due to the high supply of Vita Inu currency, this cryptocurrency has a very low price, and as a result, a large number of VINU can be bought with little capital. Due to its high volatility, the digital currency market can give us good profits in case of proper investment. For example, the price of Vita Ino cryptocurrency in August could increase by more than 130% in just five days.


In this volatile market, memecoins are very popular and many people own them; Therefore, if a memecoin has a good future ahead, it can be considered a good investment option. In this article, we take a look at the project team as well as the future plans of the Vita Inno currency to see if the Vita Inno digital currency is worth investing in, according to the information published on the main Vita Inno website. You can also take a look at the following article to learn more about this project.

What plans does Vita Ino have?

According to the information available on Vita Ino’s official website, one of the future plans of this project is a collection of various NFTs that are going to be launched and sold. There are other platforms under construction, such as VinuPay, WeVinu App, VinuSwap, VinuMooner Game and DAO Governance, all of which, if implemented, can expand this project and increase its price.

Another big plan for this memecoin is Vinuverse, which wants to become a digital space where people can play, socialize, invest, and even make a profit! The avatars inside this digital world will also be created as non-material tokens (NFT), which means you can trade them.

The future roadmap of Vita Ino currency

Vita Ino’s currency plans in the fourth quarter of 2022 include the following.

  • Bridge to a new blockchain
  • Beta version of Dao (a token governance platform)
  • Vino swap
  • Sticking and N.F.T
  • Making Wino games in Metaverse
  • Increasing Vino brand designs for marketing

Also, the following programs have been presented for the next year, 2023.

  • Bridge to a new blockchain
  • Version 1.0 Dao
  • Creating a new NFT collection in Metaverse
  • Metaverse development
  • Combination with sandbox platform
  • Setting up virtual fields
  • Further development of metaverse games

Who are behind Vita inu are?

The main team of this project is composed of four people who develop and improve Vita Ino.

  • Element: CEO and founder

Telegram: twitter:

  • Milltay: Brand manager and founder

Telegram: twitter:

  • Shuttlecock: Administration Manager

Telegram: twitter:

  • Bobster: Director of strategy and communication

Telegram: twitter:

Also, apart from the main team, there are other people who collaborate in this project in various fields such as engineering and software development, virtual space manager, marketing, etc.

How to get free vita invi token?

The website of this project describes the methods by which you can earn free Vino tokens (VINU).

  1. participation: Those who are active in the forum and virtual space by publishing posts and memes, participating in competitions, helping other people in this field, etc., have the possibility of receiving Vino tokens for free.
  2. Gifts and events: People who are active in Vita Ino’s official channel on the Discord platform can get free tokens.
  3. Faust: You can also get free tokens by using Fast Project website.
  4. steak: By staking vino you can get more tokens as a reward.

How Vita inu shall we buy

Vita Ino currency is listed in various valid foreign exchanges that can be used to buy this token. But in Iranian exchanges, the trading platform Appreciation It is one of the few platforms that offers this memecoin, and you can easily buy and trade it with Arzeef Super App.

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