What is the cost of phone registration? How much did the registry increase the price of mobile phones?


In this article, we will give complete explanations about the cost of phone registration and the price difference between phones with and without registry.

The mobile phone registry plan was launched in 1996 and now after 4 years we have reached its second phase. In the second phase, all SIM-card-enabled smart devices such as SIM-card-enabled smart watches, tablets, and landline-to-mobile phone converters will enter the registry plan and from the end In July, they will be usable only by registering them in the peer system.


The registry plan has experienced many ups and downs in the past 5 years, especially due to the misuse of the passenger registry rules and the entry of a large number of mobile phones in the name of passenger phones and the existence of problems with the registry plan, the rules for the entry of mobile phones as passengers have been changed many times and now to The reason for the spread of the corona virus Registration of passenger phones It is done legally in absentia.

The registry law has advantages and disadvantages, the effect of which was visible to buyers in these few years, this plan has been able to prevent more than 90% of the importation of smuggled phones and organize the importation of mobile phones.

Phone registration fee

According to the available statistics, mobile phone smuggling was at the top of the list of major items smuggled into the country with a figure of about 2 billion dollars, and in the last two years, due to the implementation of the mobile phone registry plan, mobile phone smuggling has reached almost zero. According to the announcement of the customs, more than 2.4 billion dollars entered the country officially and with the payment of entry fees!

Registry plan and price increase

But on the other hand, this plan has led to an increase in the price of mobile phones, of course, this increase in prices was not significant at first, but now the increase has increased to such an extent that the share of the customs and registry of mobile phones is an amount equal to several million tomans to the price of the phone. Companion adds.

The difference between phone registration fees and customs fees

First of all, it should be clarified that for the mobile phone registry, a fee equal to 3 thousand Tomans per phone was charged at the customs, and this amount will no longer be charged from May this year, so the mobile phone registry does not cost any more, but because the phone is legally When it enters the country, customs duty must be paid and naturally this customs fee will increase the price of the phone.

Before the implementation of the registry plan, many mobile phones were smuggled into the country, and in this way no customs fee was charged for importing the phone, but now that mobile phones are imported into the country through the legal route, the customs fee must be paid in full, that is Importers pay a fee to the customs for importing each phone and add that fee to the price of the phone.

Customs fee for each mobile phone

Currently, the phone registry fee for phones less than $600 is equal to 17% of the dollar price and for phones over $600, it is equal to 22.5% of its dollar price. Your payment amount is calculated based on the current dollar price for a new phone (customs valued price).

With the basis of 17%, a 100 dollar phone with a price of 33 thousand tomans has a price equivalent to 3 million 300 thousand tomans and the amount of 561 thousand tomans must be collected for customs, thus the final cost of this phone in Iran is 3 million and It reaches 861 thousand tomans.

For a better comparison, in a table approximate prices of phones and increases Legal price We have brought them:

Phone price in dollars
Base price in Tomans
Customs fee in Tomans
The final price
100 dollars
200 dollars
300 dollars
400 dollars
500 dollars
600 dollars
601 dollars
900 dollars
1000 dollars
1100 dollars

How much does the registry add to the price of phones?

Of course, what is happening in the market is a bit illogical, the prices in the market have increased more than the real amount and the so-called bubble that is not going to burst has happened to the prices.

For example, iPhone 14 Pro Max for the 256 GB memory version has a price of about 66 million Tomans, if this model is sold at a price of 1200 dollars, which with the currency of 33 thousand Tomans, its price will be approximately 40 million Tomans. Calculating the 22.5% customs duty, the price of this phone reaches about 49 million tomans, but this phone is currently sold in stores 17 million tomans more expensive than the original price.

iPhone registration fee

One of the popular models in the Iranian market is undoubtedly the iPhone, which many people seek to buy from abroad due to lack of trust in the domestic market. Therefore, it will be necessary to know the cost of iPhone registration in Iran before buying a phone from abroad. The prices given in the table below are based on the rate set by the customs, but may differ from the actual cost received.

model name

Some registry fee

iPhone 14 Pro Max with a capacity of 256 GB
9 million tomans
iPhone 14 Pro Max capacity of 128 GB
8.2 million tomans
iPhone 14 Pro with a capacity of 128 GB
7.4 million tomans
iPhone 14 Plus with a capacity of 128 GB
6.7 million tomans
iPhone 14 with a capacity of 128 GB
6 million tomans

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