What is prop trading? The best way to earn dream dollars


What is prop trading and why has it gained so many fans among Iranian traders in a short period of time? Prop Trade Fund, as the only reliable international Iranian prop trading company, how has it managed to provide extraordinary conditions to Iranian traders? We will examine all these questions in this article and answer them, so stay with us.

What is prop trading?

Prop Trading The trading style is different and has a long history in the world and has been offered for many years in advanced countries such as the United States of America, Great Britain and other developed countries by global prop forms.


To explain prop trading and enter the attractive field of introducing “the only reliable company.” Iranian prop trading“In the beginning, we will give you an example so that at the end of the article, you will understand everything you need to know completely!

Suppose you are a very skilled person in the field of buying and selling expensive cars! But you don’t have any cars to buy and sell, and even if you manage to buy and sell and make a profit, you have to trade some cheap cars that have a very low profit!

In the above assumption, you have a very high skill and if you had several expensive cars available to you, you could make a significant profit from selling them! It is true? The same rule applies in the forex market or the international financial market, which is the largest financial market in the world!

So let’s be more clear about this! Imagine that you have good and acceptable skills in this market where trillions of dollars are exchanged daily! You can earn at least ten percent per month and manage capital and account balance at the lowest risk!

Now there are some professionals with high ability, knowledge and skills who end up trading with a hundred or even a thousand dollars and can easily earn ten percent per month! If you are also among this category, we must ask if ten percent monthly interest in an account with a balance of thousand dollars is satisfactory for you? With your skill and ability, definitely not!

So what is the solution?

Iranian prop trading is your best solution!

This is where The only reliable Iranian prop trading company they enter! A registered and international company with the most history and providing the best conditions for the most professional Iranian traders! Are you a professional? Do you earn ten percent monthly profit from the market? So with the capital of the company “prop trade fund” Trade and earn profit from Prop Trade Fund without the slightest risk!

Don’t worry about anything, this company accepts all the risk of your transactions and you just need to use your skills and start earning astronomical dollars!

The company has invested heavily in utilizing the skills of its traders. This will make the investment fund of this company more diversified, gain more profit from the market and minimize the risk of its capital by sufficient diversification!

You have since joined the team Forex trading Company Iranian prop trading You can withdraw 80% of your profit every two weeks! The remaining 20% ​​belongs to the company and the company will also withdraw the capital gains generated from its transactions after paying your interest.

Now, instead of trading and earning profit with your limited capital, which involved risk acceptance on your part, you can invest $200,000 in the capital of the Iranian Prop Trading Company, which is legally registered internationally and under international commercial laws. Success has come to trade!

Make ten percent profit every month and withdraw 80% profit! And more interestingly, if you manage to earn 20% profit in a month, you should know that the next month you will trade with twice the previous balance and this process will continue for you up to a million dollars!

How to get forex fund from Iranian Prop Trading?

It’s very simple! In the first step, refer to the Iranian Prop Form site at the following address!

In the second step, you need to register in the utility panel and complete the authentication process!

At this stage, like all other stages, if you have any questions or problems in any matter related to getting Forex funds, you can ask the support of the site in the form of a ticket or a telegram message! Don’t worry if you need to contact support! Fix the time to call you and they will call you at the appointed time to answer any of your points or questions.

Methods of proving trading skills to obtain forex funds

There are two methods to obtain an account in valid Iranian Prop Trading. The first method recommended by the company is to provide an MQL link from your rail account, which allows you to enter the verification test stage without paying a fee and passing the challenge test, and finally the account You will receive a fund of $25,000.

The second method is that you will participate in one of the prop tests and choose the balance of the test! Immediately after payment, the account information will be sent to you automatically by the system.

Here you have to pass two test stages. In the first stage of the challenge test, you have to earn at least ten percent profit within thirty days and follow the rules and regulations.

In the second step, you have to pass the verification test, which is easier than the challenge test, because you have to earn ten percent profit within two months! If you succeed in passing the mentioned courses, you can then join the only trading team of Iranians who are busy earning incredible profits from the forex market with large capitals.

Why is “Prop Trade Fund” the only choice of Iranian traders?

Due to its international registration, global reputation, multinational capital and strong will and determination to form the best trading team in Iran, Prop Trade Fund has become famous among various traders and has attracted the attention of all traders. In the summer quarter of 1401 alone, more than 950 people have participated in the tests of this company, and a significant number have also proven their skills for obtaining capital and have become members of the Trading team.

In this short period of time, more than 300,000 dollars of profits have been withdrawn by the traders of this company, which opens the special position of this company in the competition with the top international brands.

In the end, thank you for being with us. If you have any questions or queries in this regard, refer to the support of this Iranian company and get the necessary information to receive forex funds!

This article is an advertisement report and IT Rasan had no role in its preparation

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