What is Google’s new tool for free access to sites and how can we use it?


When facing Iranian users, Google introduces a tool for a safer and freer search; But how does this tool work? We will examine it in this article.

Due to the disruptions, restrictions, and widespread Internet filrig during the recent days and weeks in the country, many people have tools to access selected sites for their work.


From The loss of filtering for people and the profit of billions of tomans for dealers Besides, finding a tool to bypass these limitations is not easy and mostly requires a lot of time and money.

In such a situation, people always look to big and reliable companies to provide reliable solutions or programs to provide various accesses. Now it seems that Google has started!

Some users report that when they have entered the Persian page of Google and Google has realized that they have visited this section from Iran, Google invites them to use a tool to access the desired resources.

Google VPN offer

Google has shown them this text at the bottom of their search bar:Access the Internet securely with Outline VPN»

Since last week, this company has sought permission from the US Treasury Department to be exempted from sanctions so that it can provide its tools to Iranians to make it easier and safer for users to access Google. After the efforts of the Google team and Iranian employees of this company, its license was issued, and Outline VPN is one of these services that Google is trying to provide to Iranians. This happened, the exemption of sanctions, at the end of September of this year Export of satellite internet equipment to Iran had also fallen

What is Outline VPN service and how does it work?

Outline is an open source program that helps users to “create” a virtual private network (VPN). Google claims that Outline provides more secure access to the open Internet. in itself Outline site in Farsi language the same phraseFree and open internet access” Written.

Outline filtering bypass tool

Outline site writes:Internet censorship has been continuously increasing in the last decade.In the following, reasons for using this service are written. In general, Outline considers itself a tool for easy, safe and free access to the Internet and claims that blocking it is much more difficult than normal services. In fact, it means that if other VPNs are blocked, Outline will be available and in a way it can be the last bastion for users, because it is resistant to advanced types of censorship, limiting and filtering methods.

VPN outline site

The reason why Outline service is more robust and flexible than other open source access tools is the use of a protocol that is difficult to trace, which makes blocking this service challenging.

Outline VPN functionality and how it works

The description of the Outline site itself in Persian language in three titlesResistant to clogging“, “Scale” And “Control” you can see in the picture above. The first part is the resistance to blocking, which seems to be the advantage of this service. The “Scale” and “Control” section also give us important information, which may be the part where most users make a mistake about the outline. Let’s get to the next section.

Outline is not a VPN!

The mistake of most users who are familiar with Outline these days is this part; Outline is not a VPN! It is true that Outline is a tool for safe use of Google that is recommended to Iranian users, but this tool is not a VPN in itself.

This service actually allows users to create and run their own VPN and share access to it for everyone. Look at Outline as a parent platform for secure and free access with higher quality, more resilience and harder blocking.

Using the outline is suitable for two interdependent programs: Outline guide And Client outline

Google filtering bypass program for Iran Outline VPN

With Outline Leader, you can set up a VPN server for yourself and share it with different systems; A leadership outline is actually a management plan. On the other hand, the Outline Client is a supplement to Outline Leader that allows people with access to connect to the VPN created by Outline Leader. So for you to connect to a VPN, you need Outline Client you have.

Is Outline useful for Iranian users?

If we consider Iranian users inside Iran who want to use this Google tool for free access, but this program is “currently” not as useful as it should be. There are several reasons why we say this:

  • Outline is not a VPN in itself and you cannot easily access the free and open internet with one click.
  • This service requires setting up a server, and only if you have a server, you can provide VPN to others using it.
  • Outline is not free; Rather, it requires cloud services. Cloud service providers and service providers are also banned from setting up its servers, and if they build a server, they will be identified and “blocked”.

Despite these reasons, there is a promising point in the Outline service, which is its free servers; Of course, they are not working now. Some users voluntarily create a server and put the access key to it for free on their outline site so that other users can connect to them by installing the outline client program.

Unfortunately, this possibility has not been efficient for Iranian users, and according to the tests of IT Rasan and user reports, it is not possible to connect to servers outside Iran from inside Iran. Some Iranian users tried to build a server, but they also encountered problems.

The promising part of this section is that maybe in the future cloud servers will be activated in Iran or somehow with newer updates, Iranian users will be able to build efficient servers or at least connect to other servers in different parts of the world easily. Considering Google’s awareness of the Internet situation in Iran, it is not unlikely that it has a plan for the future and Iranian users.

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