What is Excel online and how to use it?


If you have worked in offices in the last few years, you have naturally dealt with Excel programs and files. Maybe as a student or university professor, you need to work with Excel, even online. In general, Excel, like other Microsoft Office programs, is an essential need for different classes.

Although Excel is one of the most popular programs for specialized use on Windows, some people have problems with its installation and license. Sometimes it happens that you are working on another system where your programs, including Office and Excel, are not installed, and you find an urgent need for Excel. Even these events can happen in Internet cafes. In that case, when downloading and installing the program and its troubles are out of our options, what is the solution?


Continue by exploring a simpler, faster, legal and more accessible way to use Excel, or in general Spreadsheet, we meet. This method was created by Microsoft itself and can be used as the main way of working with Excel.

What is a spreadsheet?

name “Excel” we always use to refer to files that have multiple rows and columns and that sort or manage data. But actually these types of files,SpreadsheetThey are called There are various programs for managing and creating spreadsheets, of which Excel is naturally the most famous. in the article The best Android Excel, We have reviewed and compared the best apps for opening, editing and creating spreadsheets for Android.

Web version of Microsoft Excel in Office Online

With Online officeUse all the features of better, lighter and free office programs. Excel, Powerpoint, word And everything you want in Office Online is provided by Microsoft, which is really our usual recommendation for light work with all Office programs. In online office, all your changes and data are saved in the cloud at the same time and your work is automatically saved at any moment, and you can easily access your files from any other system you want.

Excel Online is one of the programs available under Office Online. To use all the facilities we mentioned above for online office, only one Microsoft account it is needed. If you do not have a Microsoft account, be sure to go to the page Create a new Microsoft account Visit and make one. Then follow the steps below:

  • to the site go.
  • using the “Sign in» and enter your email and password, enter your account.
  • Now you enter your online office page. Where you can open, edit or create any type of office file.

  • If there is a file in your system that you want to work on, in this section you can use the “UploadGo to the file address and upload it.
  • In the left window, you can see the icons of various Office programs, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, OneNote, and OneDrive.

Online Excel training in Office

  • If you want to create a new file, from the icons on the left, Excel online Choose.
  • Then in this section, on “…New blank workbook» Click to open a new Excel file.

Rename the file in Excel online

  • After creating a new file, by clicking on the specified part at the top of the page whose default name is “Book 1» is displayed, you can change the file name.

Now you have a cleaner online Excel file with all Excel features, but lighter, easier and legal on your browser.

Excel online or Excel desktop; What is their difference?

Let’s start the question of which one is better to use or what are their differences first for simple uses. If you do not have a very specialized and complex use of Microsoft Excel, you will almost not feel the difference between Excel online and Excel desktop. Even as we said, Excel Online is lighter and you don’t need any programs, so it might be a better option.

If you use Excel professionally, keep in mind that mostly all the features are the same between Excel online and desktop, except for a few examples of menus and charts! For example, charts that are members of a group of other charts, charts that use external references, and some charts for which special sources are designed, are not supported in Excel online.

So, if you don’t use any of the special items we mentioned, it doesn’t matter which item you use, unless you need to collaborate with another person on a project, in which case the bottom of the scale will be lowered on the Excel online side. To do this in Excel Online, use Greene.Share» which is on the right side of the page, you can send the project link to the people you want. If tickAllow editing“, they can also edit the Excel file online.

Be careful that Excel online requires a permanent connection to the Internet. So if you want to do offline work, Excel desktop is a more suitable option for this work. But if you have an Internet connection, with Excel Online you can access your files wherever you are and with any system, just using your Microsoft account.

If you are not sure about your choice, note that you can switch between the two at any time. That is, create your file with Excel online, then download it and continue with Excel desktop or vice versa. All the changes you make in Excel online are instantly and automatically saved in the Microsoft cloud memory.OneDrive) is saved and it is possible to download it after finishing the work.

Using Google Sheets; Simultaneous and online collaboration on Excel file

A serious competitor and suitable replacement for Microsoft Excel. Google sheet Is. The most important feature and advantage of Google Sheet over Excel in online office is definitely the possibility of simultaneous teamwork and collaboration on it, which is more direct, simpler and with better quality than online Excel. Naturally, like any other program and functionality from Google, to work with Google Sheets, only one Google account is needed, which we all have. In order to be able to work with your friends or colleagues online on an Excel file, you need to add the Google account of the desired people to the sheet.

Creating an Excel file in Google Sheets

  • Enter the page Google sheet and log in to your account.
  • If you want to upload a file from the system, click on Folder icon Click and from tabUpload» Select your file. Then you can work on the desired file online and download it again.
  • By clicking on the optionBlank» Create your spreadsheet just like Microsoft Excel online.

The good thing is that Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel files are fully compatible. That is, you can download Excel files online and upload them to Google Sheets and continue your work. Naturally, the opposite is also true.

To create and manage Excel files, should we use Google Sheets or Microsoft Office Online?

The most important question after reading this article is probably, which one should we use now? Microsoft Excel online or Google Sheet? In this section, we compare these two programs.

In a very simple paragraph, it can be said as follows: Microsoft Excel Online is a better tool for more specialized work and data analysis. But if you want a simpler user interface, use Google Sheets. Another important and decisive point that made us IT provider Let’s use Google Sheets to create and manage spreadsheets, its simplicity and high-quality is its collaboration capability. So if you want to work online and simultaneously with your colleagues, friends or classmates, Google Sheets is a more suitable option.

Another thing that makes it easier for you to work with one of these is your familiarity with other Google or Microsoft programs. For example, if you usually use Office programs, you will naturally enjoy working with Excel online. On the other hand, if you usually deal with Google programs, Google Sheets is fully compatible with them and will be more familiar to you in terms of user environment.

Let’s have a general look at the comparison of these two in the following table:

Positive characteristics towards another Negative characteristics towards another
Microsoft Excel Online
  • More advanced formulas and functions
  • More advanced charting features
  • Compatible with Microsoft applications
  • Faster loading and working speed
  • A more difficult user interface to use
  • The possibility of cooperation is more difficult
Google Sheets
  • Very easy cooperation
  • Ability to chat online with other users while working together
  • More convenient user environment
  • Compatible with Google apps
  • Fewer appearance customization options
  • Fewer formulas and functions
  • Slower loading speed for heavy files

Which is your preference? Which one are you more comfortable with and does it have the facilities you need? Be sure to share your experiences and opinions about using Excel online or Google Sheets with us.

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