What is crack? – How it works and the types of cracks


In this article, we will discuss the meaning, how it works, the types of software cracks and the answer to the question of what is a crack?

One of the words that may have reached everyone’s ears is crack. We have heard this phrase about all kinds of software or content, from games to beginner and professional software.


A crack is a tool that can be very efficient and increase the user’s access to all kinds of programs, but at the same time, it also has its disadvantages and can cause harm to the user and the developer, which we will discuss in the following. 3 ways to crack Windows 10 Also read

What is crack?

To answer the question of what is a crack, it should be said that a crack simply means making changes to the structure of a program in order to make it more accessible, unlock and remove the restrictions set by the manufacturer and developer. These changes are often to remove restrictions that include copyright laws and many times violate the creator’s rights. While hacking and cracking are similar, they have their differences, which are mostly related to its use. Cracking a program is the complete bypassing of the program’s defense system to take advantage of its capabilities. Using cracked apps has its pros and cons, which include the following.

Advantages of using crack:

  • Free use of the program
  • Access to features that are not normally available to normal users
  • Access to features that have been available in the app for a limited time or certain game stages and items that are no longer available.

Disadvantages of using crack:

  • The possibility of the crack not working properly and the program crashing, which leads to the need to reinstall
  • It is illegal and in different countries there are different punishments for using them, of course you will not have a problem in Iran.
  • It violates copyright and is used against the consent of the creator
  • The possibility of the device becoming infected due to the inauthenticity of the crack sources that will damage your device
  • The possibility of hacker intrusion due to the access of the program, which again comes back to the inauthenticity of the crack sources

Considering the disadvantages that have been mentioned, you should be sure to download and use cracked programs from sources that have already proven their credibility and provide users with programs and cracks that are not infected, work properly, and do not pose a threat. It did not create for the system. There are a large number of internal sites that have proven their credibility over time, and for each platform there are one or two such household name sources that also have the most users. With a simple query you can find these sites and use them.

What is crack?

Crack types and how they work:

As mentioned, there are different types of cracks, some of these cracks are very easy to work with, and others require more effort and time to apply and install, which we will introduce below.

Already Cracked:

The best and perhaps the easiest version of the crack to use is the case where the download file and the program are already cracked and you can start using it just by downloading and installing it. This type of crack is less common and is mostly available for apps that don’t have online users. The reason is that if the crack file is available separately, there will be less problems because it may not work for some systems with certain conditions, and if it is separate, you can get a modified version of it.

What is crack?


The patch has an easier installation process than other types of cracks and is only slightly more difficult than the pre-cracked versions. In this type of crack, you download a separate program and after installing the main program, you give the address of its installation location to the page program. This program then manipulates the necessary information and changes it in such a way that the necessary restrictions are removed.

Keygen or code maker:

A keygen is also a separate program that is mostly found for programs and not for games. This type of crack is used for programs that are mostly used online and for which you need to buy an account. After purchase, these accounts give you a code that you enter into the program to unlock and use it. Keygen will generate this code for you to open the program without spending any money in advance.

Manual crack:

It is perhaps the most complex type of crack that is more available, which means that there are definitely more complex versions of the crack, but they are for specific applications and you will not come across them very often. In this type of crack, you will download a number of files that are made for a program or mostly a game. After installing the program or game, in its installation folder, you will find exactly the same files as the downloaded crack files. By replacing the crack files instead of the original files of the program, you will break its lock and you can use them. Sometimes, in this type of installation method, it is necessary to close the program’s access to the Internet through Windows itself, which makes the process a little more complicated.

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