What is a skimmer and how does it steal bank card information?!


What is a skimmer, what does it do and how should we be safe from skimming? We will answer these questions in the rest of the article.

For several hundred years, all over the world, banks are the trustees of the people, and most of the people keep their extra money in them so that the risk of their theft is minimized and the stagnant money can be used in the country’s economy. Although banks try their best to be trustworthy, there are also people who try to enrich themselves by doing things and destroy people’s trust in banks.


Currently, most people make even their low-cost purchases through debit cards, which shows the significant presence of these cards in people’s lives. Some people make purchases through the Internet, which despite the comfort and high security, there is a possibility of stealing information and as a result of stealing the user’s money through phishing attacks and similar cases. But now a new problem has arisen, which practically shows that the thieves are experts.

What is a skimmer and how is the skimming method done?

Skimming thefts have been in the news for a few days. These types of thefts are carried out in a very simple and professional manner through bank tellers.

ATM Skimming (2)

In simple words, a skimmer is a device or even a person who makes a copy of your bank card! In this type of theft, the thief attaches a new part to the teller, which is very little different from the original form of the teller (a new part is added to the card reader part). Through this section, the thief can save all the card information; Somehow the thief gets a copy of your card! Now it’s time for the password. There are two ways to do this in skimming. In the first method, a very small camera (about the size of a match) is placed under the above-mentioned device, which records the information being entered by the user and provides it to the thief. The second method is in which a new keyboard is placed on the previous keyboard of the device, which looks very similar to the original version, and this new panel stores the information entered by the user, which includes his password. .

So far, the thief has the person’s card and password information. At this stage, he should obtain a raw card, which is widely available in banks (of course, it is not easily accessible to everyone). Now the thief has to put the information on the new card and then go to an ATM with this card and very normally get the available money up to the legal limit per day or buy goods through store card readers!

Skimmer is a very interesting idea and of course it is also considered a big threat for banks. But the negative point of the story is that some thieves use this method in Iran, and most of them have been caught. Of course, this issue is not insurmountable and banks can prevent this issue by installing anti-skimmer devices on ATMs. It should be noted that these devices are expensive for banks. But whatever it is, currently banks are required to install these devices on ATMs, and not long ago the central bank implemented a law that forces banks to install anti-skimmers. Of course, it should be mentioned that this issue has not been implemented in all ATMs at the moment.

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Of course, the ATM is not the only place where thieves can use skimmers. Shop card readers (POSS) also have the possibility of installing a skimmer, and cases of this type of theft have also been seen in Iran. Skimming theft through card readers is in this way that the thief installs the skimmer on the device, and then the seller (or sometimes the same thief) who has placed the card reader behind the counter, swipes the customer’s card on it, and then the password is entered by the seller and to In this simplicity, all the information of the person is available to the thief. To prevent this issue, be sure to enter the password yourself while shopping through store card readers.

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Having said that, it is better to be very careful to deal with various attacks on bank information and not share your information with other people. Of course, in this regard, banks are obliged to install anti-skimming devices as soon as possible.

Methods to prevent bank card skimming

  1. The thief can copy your bank card with this method, so don’t give the password to anyone as much as possible!
  2. When buying, be sure to enter the bank card password yourself and do not let the seller do it.
  3. Today, most banks use anti-skimming methods, so it is better to go to the bank and exchange your debit card with newer ones.
  4. Change your bank card password once in a while.

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