What features are added to this operating system with the Windows 11 update?


New features have recently been introduced for Windows 11, including Tabbed File Explorer and more sharing options. Microsoft announced today that users can take advantage of these features and shared more details about them. People can activate them on their PCs after installing the new update.

Microsoft said earlier this year that it would like to roll out new Windows 11 updates throughout the year rather than releasing them all in one major update.


In the following, we are going to get to know these new features that are provided or will be released in the near future:

Over the years, users have been clamoring to add tabs to File Explorer (Tabbed File Explorer). The latest version of this feature is also equipped with a favorites section for better organization of files. You can also share the files you like with your contacts in this section.

The ability to highlight text with a date and create an event in Outlook is also available in Windows 11. Similar to what Android is equipped with and Windows needs.

In this update, the taskbar has undergone changes. This time, the menu is overflowing, which provides more possibilities for users to pin many programs. With a right click, you can see more options to open the Task Manager.

Windows Share is a feature that is now a little more enhanced than before. Now it’s easier to share files directly from your desktop, File Explorer, Photos, Snipping Tool, Xbox, and other apps on discoverable devices.

Since this update will not be published until the end of October, the new pictures program is supposed to be provided for Windows 11. From November, you can also enjoy iCloud integration support in the program.

Microsoft announced that the App Store is going to offer Windows 11 in 31 countries. Of course, this list was expanded at the end of September, as a result, in addition to the United States and Japan, Britain, Canada, Germany and several other countries were also added to it.

Starting today, the new ESPN app is also available in the Microsoft Store. Users can get all the features discussed above except for the new Photos app in the phased release.

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