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Previously, we discussed the meanings of the names Samsung, Asus, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Huawei and Nokia. In this article, we discuss the meaning of the name LG and a brief history of LG, with us at IT provider be with

A brief history of LG

LG Corporation under the name of Lak Hui Chemical Industrial Corp. Founded in 1947 by Koo In-hwoi. In 1952, Lak Hui was the first South Korean company to enter the plastics industry. As the company expanded its plastics business, it founded the Gold Star Company in 1958. After some time, both Lucky and GoldStar merged to form Lucky-Goldstar in 1983.


Goldstar produced South Korea’s first radio station. Many consumer electronics were sold under the GoldStar brand, while some other household products (not available outside of South Korea) were sold under the Lucky brand. The Lucky brand was known for hygiene products such as HiTi soaps and laundry detergents, but the brand was best known for Lucky toothpaste and Perioe. LG today continues to produce some of these products for the South Korean market, such as laundry detergent.

Today, LG is one of the largest companies in the world and the main activity of this company is related to the production of household appliances such as televisions. In the last few years, LG’s mobile division was dissolved due to lack of necessary sales, and LG withdrew from this market. LG has done a great service to all of us over the years.

The meaning of the name LG

For example, LG was the first company to come up with dual-core processors, dual or triple cameras, ultra-wide cameras, secondary screens, screens longer than 16 x 9 and many other innovations, and today you can hardly find a company that doesn’t. It does not use these LG innovations. In between, there were also innovations that did not succeed, for example, LG introduced phones with curved screens or bodies with the ability to repair minor damages.

The meaning of the name LG

In recent years, LG launched an advertising slogan called “Life’s Good”, which made many people think that the name LG stands for this slogan. The truth is that the life of the LG name is much older than this slogan, so it is not possible that the meaning of the LG name is “life is good”.

As we said in the history section of this company, initially there were two separate sub-companies named Lucky and GoldStar. After some time, the manager of this complex decided to merge the two companies Lucky and GoldStar to start a new company called Lucky-Goldstar. Later, this name was shortened and became LG. So, the meaning of the name LG originally consists of the first letters of the names of these two companies.

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