What are the features of Tron compared to other digital currencies?!


In 2018, Justin Sun, the main owner of the Tron project, created a platform for sharing content in a decentralized manner. It may not be bad to know that Tron is a platform and operating system based on blockchain. After launching Tron network; TRX cryptocurrency was created and marketed as the digital currency of this network.

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There are many discussions about the working method, structure and complex architecture of the Tron. Some of Tron’s competitors do not consider the structure of this network to be decentralized and consider it against the principle of decentralization. But what is the architecture of this network?


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Tron network layers

In its network, Tron uses three different layers: Application layer, Storage Layer, and Core Layer.

In this network, three types of nodes are also defined. These three nodes, which are called Solidity Node, SR Full Nodes, and Full Node, each have their own specific tasks. For example, solidity nodes synchronize definitive blocks, full nodes are responsible for publishing transactions and blocks, and SR full nodes are also responsible for block production.

One of the most important features of Tron is the high scalability of this network. Very high execution power and support of a very wide range of decentralized software are other special features of this network.

For example, this network claims to have the fastest transaction speed. To prove this, we must know that the transaction speed in this network is 3 thousand numbers per second. This rate for Bitcoin is only 7 transactions per second!

Another special feature of Tron is the very low fee of this network, which is sometimes interpreted as zero fee. Tron is trying to create a completely decentralized Internet space for the world!

Tron, like its competitor, Ethereum, has provided its users with the space to create applications and smart contracts. There are two standards TRC-10 and TRC-20 on Tron for this purpose. BitTorrent is one of the most famous and well-known tokens on the current market, which was created on the TRC-10 standard. BitTorrent was purchased by Tron owner Justin Sun.

The digital currency of the TRON network, which is called TRX, was first launched on the Ethereum network and then transferred to its own blockchain. Unlike many of its competitors, Tron cannot be mined and its transactions are confirmed through the DPoS method or the Proof of Stake algorithm. The total number of Tron tokens is 100 billion units.

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