What are the advantages of buying digital currency?


Maybe until a few years ago, if we heard a name from the cryptocurrency market, digital currencies, Bitcoin or anything similar in a group; We were saying to ourselves what is the story this time; God bless! But over the past year or two, the financial markets, especially cryptocurrencies, somehow showed that that era is over and now we have a decade ahead of us for legal activities and investing in digital currencies.

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But we have to see what are the benefits of investing in digital currencies and whether it is profitable and logical to invest in these crypto assets or not?


Investment of big companies

You may have heard that some large international companies in the world have invested heavily in cryptocurrencies. The billion-dollar purchase of the Tesla car company and the million-dollar purchases of the digital payment company Square, etc., are two of the simplest examples of international companies investing in Bitcoin and digital currencies. They definitely see a bright future for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies that they have made such heavy investments.

Reducing dependence on the government and government financial institutions

For someone who is making a heavy investment, it is very important that governments and financial institutions do not interfere in that investment. Investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other large and valuable cryptocurrencies is a natural and very simple way to reduce dependence on the government and its financial institutions. With this method, you are no longer involved in law and tax and bureaucratic administrative troubles, and you can easily spend time on yourself and your capital, and you do not pay a large percentage of your profit to intermediary institutions.


assets such as Bitcoin; Over time it has become something like gold. You must know that Bitcoin has only 21 million units and after that it will no longer be mined and offered. Well, this issue easily shows that in a few years, Bitcoin will become as rare and valuable as gold, and then everyone will have to pay any price to buy it.

In fact, everything that becomes rare in our human world will become expensive and will be accepted by everyone. So what better to spend at least a small amount of money that we don’t need to buy it. Something like buying gold, silver and…

the future

On the day when Bitcoin was free, no one thought that this little-known cryptocurrency could reach $63,000 per unit. Yes, things don’t always happen like this; But when we look at blockchain technology and its future, we realize that the future is one of those new technologies. Blockchain is a technology that will take over all sectors over time and will grow everything on its platform.

low price

Yes, you may look at the fact that Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. have a high price. First, you don’t need to invest 50 thousand dollars. You can enter this market with 100 thousand tomans. Even if you think that Bitcoin is expensive, there are countless cheap cryptocurrencies in the market, and you will know which ones are worth buying by looking at them and their foundations. Cryptocurrencies such as Cardano; Ripple, Digibyte, Dogecoin, etc. are examples of the best choices for your investment.


Buying and investing in digital currencies is not going to start with high numbers for you. You can start your business by using Iranian exchanges like Arzif, which easily provide you with the conditions of purchase with Rials. Cryptocurrencies have a bright future and it seems that in the next few years, even they will replace paper money or fiat currencies. These days, some countries are passing guidelines to legalize the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies, and small countries like El Salvador have also accepted Bitcoin as a legal currency in their country.

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