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Saeed Moqiseh, the head of Satra, recently wrote a letter with the head of the Broadcasting Organization and dealing with the violations of audio and visual media, said: the first task of the regulatory organization of audio and video media is to implement the laws and documents and we are in We have no recovery in this field.

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Emphasizing that the license of any of the VODs has not been canceled or suspended, Moghiseh said: We support the platforms if they comply with the rules.


Referring to the process of dealing with an all-encompassing audio and video media, he explained: some media had violations that caused them to deduct points from their evaluation, in this way, if the process of deducting points continues and reaches less than the minimum required points, legal action will be taken. It is necessary.

In his words, the head of Satra stated the main mission of this organization as follows: According to the resolution of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace of the country with the topic “Development of a healthy, useful and safe cyberspace”, preventing the publication of harmful and unhealthy content and services is one of the things that should be considered. Carrying out the legal missions of Satra is the demand of the supervisory institutions in the legislative and executive branches. Recently, a correspondence was made with Satra by the legal vice president and the powers and duties of Satra were emphasized.

He explained about the necessity of taking care of the institution of family and children and teenagers in cyberspace: as emphasized in the document on the protection of children and teenagers in cyberspace approved by the Supreme Council of Cyberspace, one of the most important duties of the government is to protect the family and children and Teenagers in cyberspace. All platforms and content providers are required to prevent the display and advertising of content harmful to children and teenagers. One of the most important priorities of Satra is to monitor the operation of the universal audio and video media to prevent the broadcasting of rare content that is not suitable for children and teenagers.

Moghiseh continued: In recent years, many fans and sympathizers of the Nizam have seriously criticized the abandoned state of cyberspace and they demand from Satra to take action to improve the sound and image content in cyberspace.

In the end, the head of Satra emphasized: We will stand by our legal positions to protect the rights of users and audiences of universal audio and video media. It is supposed to be held soon by the deputy of users and social regulation of Satra, meetings with the presence of mass media managers, media elites and other cultural and social active groups to form effective dialogues between Satra and social activists of the country.

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