We have a plan to minimize people’s need for filters


Issa Zarepour, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, said yesterday on the sidelines of the National Information Network Capacity Conference: We in the Ministry of Information have a plan to launch services for people that will minimize their need for filter breakers.

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Referring to the National Information Network, Zarepour said at the National Information Network Capacity Conference held at the Research Institute of Communication and Information Technology: The National Information Network has clear foundations and an approved plan. We have mobilized all the facilities of the Ministry of Communications to ensure the full establishment of the National Information Network.


Zarepour emphasized: The National Information Network is a high-speed, high-quality and secure network on which all types of services are provided. This network is offered to facilitate the lives of people and businesses.

The Minister of Communications believes that with the completion of the National Information Network, the fiber optic project for homes and businesses will also be realized, which will lead to a 10-fold or several hundred-fold increase in speed compared to the current situation.

Zarepour continued: We must eliminate the grounds for creating crime in this space, we are trying to preserve people’s privacy in this space by using infrastructural and technical tools. Maintaining security has become a requirement in cyberspace. If there is no security, businesses cannot operate in this space.

Rejecting the claim of disruption in the network due to the use of filter breakers, the Minister of Communications said: We do not have a widespread disruption in the network, and the measures we took to enable safe search have not had any effect on any of the network services. If anyone has any evidence of network disruption please provide.

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology went on to say that the use of filter breakers is an important issue and said: Now many of our countrymen’s phones are infected with malware, and the way for these malware to get in is through filtering and VPN bypass tools. The plan we have in the Ministry of Communications is to reduce people’s need for filter breakers. A program has been arranged for this, which will be announced in due course, so that people do not need filter breakers, and the services they need will be launched that use filter breakers. to a minimum, because many viruses on their phones, tablets and laptops are due to the use of anti-filters.

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