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Lamborghini Huracan StratoLamborghini’s new, attractive and powerful off-road car.

Compared to regular Huracans, the Strato model has a higher height and its body is designed to be more suitable for off-road, i.e. off-road, dirt and sandy tracks and harsh conditions. In this model, two rectangular rally lights are located right in the front part of the car and there is a cargo strap for carrying things.


So far, no photos of the Strato’s interior have been published, and no one knows about its interior design. The technical specifications and power of this car are still unclear and questionable, and it is not clear if Lamborghini plans to make changes in the engine. V10 To create a Huracan Strato for more power or not. As we said, no specific technical specifications of the Lamborghini Huracan Strato have been officially announced so far; But if we go by the speculations and concepts, it looks like Strato from 640 horsepower And Engine speed 8 thousand rpm take advantage

The Strato Concept was first released in 2019 as just a design, and Lamborghini itself wasn’t sure if this car was going to become anything more than a concept; But in July of this year, Lamborghini announced that it is on a new adventure and working on this car, and Spy images of this car showed that this model is in the processing and production stage. It seems that this car will be produced and officially unveiled before the end of this year.

Before we get to the new Strato teaser, let’s take a look at the first teaser of this new Lamborghini adventure called “Beyond The Concrete” which was published a month ago, we have:

The fact that the Lamborghini Huracan Strato, with its sporty and beautiful design, is an off-roader excites all the fans of this company.

Recently, a new teaser of the Lamborghini Huracan Strato has been released, which shows the maneuverability of this car on dirt and sandy tracks. This teaser is actually a continuation of the previous teaser and “Beyond The Concrete – Part 2It is called Enjoy watching it:

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