Warning to Arbaeen travelers; The import of mobile phones from Iraq was banned until the end of September


According to the new notification of the Iranian Customs Organization, it is prohibited to import any mobile phone from Iraq during Arbaeen.

Customs has announced that during Arbaeen, none of the passengers have the right to import mobile phones from the country of Arbaeen, and imported phones are not registered.


Iran Customs announced: Based on the notification of the Deputy Prevention Officer of the Central Headquarters for Combating Goods and Currency Smuggling, and also based on the approvals of the Registry Working Group of the Ministry of Silence and the notification of the Deputy Security Officer of the Ministry of Interior and the Head of the Arbaeen Central Headquarters, the registration and registry of passenger mobile phones, input from It is prohibited to enter Iraq, including land and air borders, between September 10 and 31.

In this notice, it is emphasized that the entry and exit points of the country do not record the phone information of incoming passengers in the relevant systems.

In this context, Ruhollah Latifi, the spokesperson of customs, announced: These approvals are temporary and only regarding the origin of Iraq and will be implemented only until the end of September.

Below you can see the image of the letter dated 08/06/1401 to the headquarters for combating goods and currency smuggling of the presidency. It is mentioned in this letter:

Based on the above mentioned letter and the approvals of the Registry Working Group of the Ministry of Privacy and the letter of the Honorable Deputy Security and Law Enforcement of the Ministry of Interior and the Head of the Central Staff of Arbain, it has been decided: The temporary ban on the registration of mobile phones of passengers entering from Iraq will be applied at any time from 10 to 31 September of this year. be made Therefore, please order to refrain from registering the mobile phone information of the incoming passengers in the relevant systems during the time period announced from the said country, while providing appropriate information in various ways, including installing banners, etc.

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