Wait for the security and application update of WhatsApp


An update for the beta version of WhatsApp is being released, which is supposed to add a new security feature to this program.

Meta is trying to fix WhatsApp security holes with this new beta security update. This update is actually a security element with the abilityview oncewill add.


As you know, the view once feature is a security feature and allows WhatsApp users to share their photos or videos with someone, so that the recipient of the message can see them only once.

The view once feature was added to WhatsApp during an update last year, but it didn’t work very well, because it had one big problem: screenshot and screen record! WhatsApp users could still take a screenshot of the photos and videos they received with the view once feature or record the screen of their phone with a screen recorder.

Meta is now working on a security update so that WhatsApp users can no longer keep these photos and videos with screenshots and screen records. In fact, it is only with the addition of this feature that the view once feature makes sense and finds its main use.

In the new WhatsApp beta update, namely update, this security feature will be added. The point of this feature is that even if users can take a screenshot or screen record of the view once content with effort and perseverance, they will face a black screen!

As we said, this feature is currently being released on the beta version of WhatsApp for beta testers, so even if you have the latest WhatsApp update, you should wait for the full release of this version on all WhatsApp for all users.

No exact date has yet been announced for this new update, but considering that this update is not a completely new feature and actually adds an element to an old feature, it is expected to be fully released to all users of the original version of WhatsApp very soon. .

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