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Yesterday, Ektanet joint season event was held at Ivan Shams Hall in Tehran with the presence of senior managers of this company including Sina Momeni, CEO of Ektanet. In this event, Yektanat managers introduced the achievements and reviewed the statistics that this company has experienced in the past year.

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At the beginning of the event, Sina Momeni, the CEO of Ektant, came on stage and after welcoming the guests, he said about the first days of Ektant’s activities: Five years ago, when we started our work, we saw a trend in the world that businesses are more focused They had digital marketing, in that day, nearly 50% of business marketing budget was allocated to the online sector, this number was 5% in Iran.


Momeni stated that the primary goals of Ektanet are to get better results for online businesses from advertising, fair income for content publishers and richer content on the web for users.

Explaining this cycle, Yektant’s CEO said: rich content is published on the Internet when websites and publishers can generate good income to increase the quality of their work, when this income increases when businesses get better results from their advertisements.

Momeni said: At the beginning of our activity, our focus was why the analytical data of customers and audiences is important for businesses, at that time, few online businesses used analytical tools, in this way, we introduced businesses to these tools in the first step and They told us why it is important to check user behavior on the site. But now we have reached a point where even small sites have an e-commerce dimension.

He continued: There was a time when the site’s criterion for advertising was the Alexa rank, but we know how inaccurate and inaccurate this criterion is. In those days, we were looking for the quality of the content to be the criteria for the sites to advertise.

Yektan CEO pointed out: Yektan is the connection point of three main stakeholders, 1- businesses 2- content publishers 3- web users; We created different business lines to meet each of these stakeholders’ needs. Our growth happens when all our stakeholders grow. We believe that if our stakeholders stop growing, our unique survival will be at risk.

In 1400, Yektant cooperated with 55 thousand businesses and 2300 display websites.

In the continuation of this event, Sina Attaran, the director of software engineering of Ektanet, stated that one of the biggest challenges that this company was dealing with from the first day and is still the main issue of Ektanet is the issue of matching between ads and the right users.

He continued: The sole goal of businesses is to reach their target audience by spending the least amount of money, we must also reach users and audiences according to their interest in the desired content. The third target is the content producers on the Persian web, who consider it their sole duty to help produce rich content and life of these websites by helping to increase their income.

He explained about some of Yektanet’s activity scales: Currently, we have 20,000 active advertisements created by Yektanet advertisers, and there are 50 million products in different stores partnering with Yektanet, which we have to offer to a user when Login to the site that has unique codes, select and show only 6 ads from these more than 50 million products and services.

Yektant cooperates with 2,300,000 viewers who make up 90% of Persian web traffic. More than 130 million active devices interact with Ektonet. Ten thousand ad display requests (one billion daily requests) are sent to Ektan every second.

In the next part of this event, Maryam Esmaili, Yektan’s product manager, announced that in 1400, a capacity equal to 3 billion ad impressions of Yektan’s display websites was allocated to other online advertising platforms.

Also, Puran Zamani, the other product manager of Yektant, gave explanations about the launch of audience subscription service in 1400.

Zamani said in this regard: Audience sharing service allows businesses to share their audiences with each other, and also exhibitors can share their audiences with other publishers who think they have a close audience to earn money. . Last year, this campaign was run as a test for 30 businesses, and the results we obtained showed that the conversion rate was seven times better than our other campaigns.

In addition, Hamed Zamani, the customer relations manager of Ektanet, pointing out that Ektanet cooperates with advertisers from all 31 provinces of the country, regarding the increase in the display capacity of Ektanet ads in line with the increase in viewers, said: The display capacity of Ektanet ads in 2019 is on average monthly. There were 27 billion ads, which reached an average of 40 billion monthly ads in 1400.

He also announced that the goal of Ektanet is that businesses can get better results with targeted ads instead of general ads, Ektanet by encouraging businesses to display targeted ads, for the first time in 1400, more than 50% of ads were published in a targeted manner. Yaband, this is while the targeted ads in 2018 constituted only 13% of the total single ads.

Also, Amir Hossein Khorrami, the sales manager of Yektanat, presented significant statistics regarding the number of advertisers and the amount of advertising budget by business sector.

According to Khorrami, the highest statistics of Ektanet advertisements are in the fields of education, online stores, beauty, fashion and clothing, home appliances, lifestyle and technology respectively, but the highest advertising budget is in businesses in the field of finance and investment, beauty, travel and tourism, and online stores. And there is training.

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