Twitter offers Tweet Tiles feature to enter the world of digital currency


Twitter, the social media giant, plans to via Tweet Tiles trial featureallowing users to display their non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in their profile pictures.

To realize such a space, Twitter has chosen a set of functional NFTs that allow tweets to have an interactive customizable widget.


To conduct this test, Twitter has cooperated with digital currency markets such as Open Sea, Rarible, Magic Eden, Dapper Laps and Guardian Link. As a result of the above companies’ collaboration with Twitter, they will be able to display their colorful NFTs directly in tweets for the first time.

GuardianLink, a blockchain and non-fungible token solutions provider and digital product developer, said in a statement about the feature on Twitter:

This format allows for a larger image of non-fungible tokens to be displayed alongside cloud data such as title and creator name.

According to this company, if the test of the Twitter company has a successful result, this feature can be provided to all users of this social media. The feature also offers NFT collectors a new way to share their digital collections.

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According to GuardianLink, Twitter aims to expand the Tweet Tiles test functionality to NFT markets, looking to introduce NFT avatars for users who connect their wallets to verify ownership.

GuardianLink Inc We believe that Tweet Tiles functionality will allow developers to extend and improve the Twitter user experience, as the ability to embed tokens through relevant information and a direct market link will increase their sales and support the discovery of new and popular collections. he does. The Tweet Tiles beta is now live on iOS and web for five NFT companies.

Last January, Twitter allowed some of its users to use verified NFTs as their profile pictures. The social media platform recently created an invite-only account on Ethereum-based NFT marketplace Foundation.

An official tweet released by Twitter Blue and a new page created on the platform’s website show that users can pay $2.99 In the month, install an NFT as your profile picture in the iOS operating system. So far, this feature is only available for Apple’s IOS operating system; But an “approved” hexagonal profile picture can be displayed on all platforms.

GuardianLink announces that many of its employees are based in India, Japan and Singapore. The flagship product of the mentioned company Is; allows token collectors to buy and sell digital collectibles such as sports NFTs.

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