Twitter is losing its active users at an increasing rate


Twitter is one of the world’s news trends these days, but unfortunately, most of the news that is published on it is not positive. In its latest report about this social network, Reuters claimed to have obtained documents from the company’s internal reports, and according to these reports, Twitter is rapidly losing its active users.

Twitter is trying to bring back active users and users who were doing business on this social network. This highlights the challenge Tesla’s CEO will face.


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These users make up only ten percent of Twitter users, but generate ninety percent of all tweets. Celebrities are also among the same group of users who, according to Reuters, are gradually leaving Twitter. Active users’ accounts are active all day and publish three to four tweets a week.

The company’s internal research shows that the taste of active English-speaking users of this social network has undergone changes in the last two years. In fact, interest in news, various sports, and various branches of the entertainment industry has decreased among Twitter users.

Yesterday, it was reported that Elon Musk has announced that he will finalize the deal related to the purchase of Twitter before October 28. Now it has to be seen that the billionaire owner of Tesla and one of the great geniuses of the technology world can wrap a suitable version for Twitter’s bad mood.

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