Truth Social censors content despite claims to defend freedom


Donald Trump’s social network called Truth Social was released two days ago and many users still have trouble registering on this site. But despite the social network’s claim to defend freedom of expression, its administrators have apparently excluded some users from their platform. laying off Have.

With around half a million people waiting in line to join the Truth Social network, a number of users who had successfully registered on the platform announced that their access had been blocked. A user named “Matt Ortega” just for the sake of choice user name @DavineNunesCow has lost his account. This username, which is also used in a parody account on Twitter, is jokingly called “Devin Nunes inspired by the former Republican MP and current CEO of Trout Social, the company.

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Content publishing rules on Truth Social are stricter

Another part of the users emphasizes that despite the claim of this social network to support freedom of expression, the content management system in Truth Social Much more strict From Twitter. In this application, any user can lose full access to Truth Social due to the publication of content that may be considered wrong, inappropriate or misleading by platform managers.


On Twitter, although tensions over the Corona virus and the US election escalated slightly, the social network still allowed other types of misinformation to be posted on their platform. In the Trump app, users may even post from the platform because of posts that managers find satirical, defamatory, or inappropriate. Blocked To be.

However, if Truth Social Wanting to grow more broadly, it is unlikely to be able to continue content management with this level of rigor. The platform uses a combination of volunteer monitors, user reports and bots to remove inappropriate content.


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