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Today, everything is going virtual, and books are no exception. Reading books physically gives a different mood to a person; However, digital books also have their advantages. For example, they are more accessible and you can easily start reading them anywhere. In fact, with reading applications, you can access your library wherever you are.

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What is a reading program?

Electronic books have been popular for a long time; Both reading and listening or audio books. Reading applications are also a platform for buying, downloading and reading books, which, of course, operate legally.


After the publishers get the licenses for their book, they can also publish it in these reading apps.

What are the advantages of reading applications?

  • Access to more deprived areas to books through electronic books
  • Easier to choose and buy books
  • Access on multiple different devices
  • Access to books forever

In addition, in these programs, efforts have been made to respect the rights of the publishers as much as possible, and access to the books is only through the application, and no files are delivered to the customers.

Also, one of the advantages of electronic books is that they are cheaper than physical books, because there is no printing fee for these books. Even recently, textbooks have been added to the category of e-books, which can be useful for many students.

After this introduction, we will introduce and review three of the best and most famous Iranian reading programs.

Niche reading application

Taqcheh is one of the most famous and largest electronic book sources in Iran. This application has a variety of features and also its massive sources of books have made it more and more popular.

Niche reading application

At the time of preparing this article, there are about 95,000 text and audio books on the shelf, of which 20,000 can be downloaded for free, and 28,000 of these books are available in Infinite niche which we will introduce later are available. After the books are available to the niche, they prepare and publish them with a series of digital optimizations. There are different categories such as literature, history, holy defense, children and teenagers, etc.

Also, the Algorithmic niche program named “vase» through which it categorizes book showcases based on user interests with the help of artificial intelligence; In this way, the user can access his favorite books much more easily.

Before buying the book (both text and audio), you can access a sample copy of it. This feature can help a lot in your choices.

Infinite niche

Taqcheh also has a subscription section where you can access a large number of text and audio books by paying a monthly fee and use all of them. This library is updated every month and new books are added to it. At the moment, the weekly subscription of Taqcheh Infinite is 15,000 Tomans, the monthly subscription is 30,000 Tomans, and the 3-month subscription is 65,000 Tomans. In different festivals, various discounts are considered for books.

Also, a section titled “growth» There is a user account where you can benefit from various discount codes by buying books and collecting points. In general, Taqcheh can be one of the best choices to start reading electronic books.

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Rating of Google Play users: 4.1
Initial volume: 26 MB
Available operating systems: android/ios/web/windows
Minimum Android required: 4.1
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Fidibo reading application

Fidibo application has started its activity since 2012 and due to its advertising support, it has been able to gain a lot of popularity among users.

Fidibo reading application

Like Taqcheh program, Fidibo has different categories of books and you can also see the sample version of the books.

Like other apps, books are only available in the software itself and you can use it on 3 devices at the same time (you can log in with one account on three devices).


FidiPlus is the name of Fidibo’s monthly subscription. FidiPlus is more economical for people who read a lot of books in a short period of time. By purchasing a subscription, in addition to having access to a large number of Fidibo books (which are added every month), you also have access to a series of exclusive titles that are only available on FidiPlus. Currently, the price of a one-month Fidi Plus subscription is 30 thousand tomans and a 3-month subscription is 75 thousand tomans. By buying books and collecting points, you can also benefit from a series of prizes such as discount codes.

In the audio book playback section, there are also various features such as driving and sleeping modes that help users easily. According to Fidibo officials, this application is not only for Iranian publishers, and Fidibo is looking to expand this application by opening support offices in Spain and Lebanon.

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Kitbarah reading application

Ketabrah is the third and last application that we introduce in this article. This application is one of the oldest reading applications in Iran, which has also experienced a name change during its activity.

Like other reading applications, here you have various categories to choose your favorite book. One of the features of Kitabrah is the ability to adjust the font and text size in different books, which is an attractive feature. In the audio book playback section, there are also features to adjust the speed and adjust the automatic shutdown.

There is no subscription section in this application and it has a simpler user interface. A section with the title book club It is designed so that by collecting points, you can benefit from various prizes and discounts.

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Rating of Google Play users: 4.6
Initial volume: About 7 MB
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In this article, we introduced the benefits of reading programs and introduced 3 of the best Iranian applications in this field. Of course, there are many applications in this field, if you know of a better program for reading, be sure to share it with us in the comments section.

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