Thoughtful words of the vice president regarding freedom in cyber space


Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini, the deputy of the President’s Majestic Affairs, emphasized yesterday at the opening ceremony of the first international conference “Media, Communications and Cyber ​​Governance” on the conditionality of the activity of foreign platforms in Iran.

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In this ceremony, regarding the need for the government to pay attention to the media and virtual space in addition to executive measures, Hosseini said: continuous and accurate information and explanation of management plans and achievements in media language and with persuasive expression is necessary, perhaps the best programs with inappropriate information by the opponents of destruction to be


Hosseini emphasized that the will of the system and the 13th government is to use the cyber knowledge of the country’s young scientists and engineers to create cyber management capabilities.

Criticizing the removal of Sardar Soleimani’s picture by Instagram, the vice president said: It is not appropriate to make decisions about people’s personal pages on social networks outside the borders.

He said regarding the conditions for the operation of foreign platforms in Iran: there is no obstacle for the presence and operation of foreign platforms and social networks in Iran, but they must have a representative office in Iran, and if someone uses the platform of these networks for fraud or harassment, he will be held accountable. to be Now this has happened in many countries like Turkey and it should be implemented in Iran as well.

Virtual space creates illusions and doubts!

Regarding freedom in social networks, Hosseini said: Some people think that platforms are tools and can be used well, but the reality is that social networks intelligently manage people’s intellectual space. Many believe that the beauty of social networks is the right to choose and freedom of speech, but this space is changing lifestyles and increasing the generation gap, and producing illusions, ambiguity and doubt by producing rumors and news without sources, and as a result, public opinion is worried.

Verbal opposition to freedom in social networks

Referring to the benefits of virtual space, Hosseini emphasized: virtual space facilitates social and business communication, and supporting the digital economy and virtual businesses is one of the programs of the 13th government. But cyberspace should not be considered a free crossroad for traffic, because the result will be nothing but traffic and collisions.

The space of places in the service of western culture

The vice president believes that the cyberspace under the rule of the West is implementing globalization in a way that public opinion serves the interests of multinational companies and cultural NATO.

Governance of virtual space in line with national requirements

Referring to the type of governance in cyberspace, this official said: Just as prudence is necessary in the management of the country, we must also act wisely and wisely in the governance of cyberspace. The governance model in cyber space should be based on current knowledge but derived from Iranian Islamic culture and national requirements. National sovereignty in the cyber domain is the guarantor of security for people’s business and online life, and of course, the media must try to convince the public opinion that the enemy’s insinuations do not confuse and worry their minds.

Hosseini stated: The rule of law, justice, transparency, accountability, effectiveness, consensus building, creating consensus and providing public benefits are the main indicators of good governance that originate from religious foundations and the constitution, and considering the many commonalities that exist, its rewriting in Governance model in cyberspace can be effective and useful.

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